The Bibleman Show: Silencing The Gossip Queen

July 30, 2017 § Leave a comment

If there’s anything I should discuss about Bibleman that I haven’t, it’s that I should talk about his origin. And really, I should have since it’s part of the opening credits sequence, the origin has Miles living his wealthy life with money, success and so on but he feels like life is more than that and he rages out in rain while throwing his documents away. As he got to the ground, he discovers the bible in the dirt and then a light beams on him which signals the beginning of the hero. And since I talk about the origin, I should also over-analyse one part of it because it might be the weakest superhero origin I ever seen.

The question being why is the bible in the ground? I’m not sure if it’ll ever be followed up but this is quite possibly the question that I honestly wanna know the answer to. On one hand, it might be part of god’s plan but on another hand, it is caused by somebody who used to be a believer and he or she decide to toss it in the ground. And before anybody ask, it is possible Miles did it himself since he throw the documents out but we didn’t see he opening up the suitcase and shoot the bible there. Going back to somebody tossing the bible, there’s a scenario I should bring up which is what might happen if Miles didn’t rage-quit and the bible is left in the ground. Imagine somebody else found it and become God’s chosen superhero.

We may never know but for now, it is time to look at Silencing The Gossip Queen which is the final episode of The Bibleman Show (and don’t worry, I look at The Bibleman Adventure within next month). As Miles is doing his work, he is noticed by the villainess known simply as The Gossip Queen (Maylo McCaslin) as she orders her henchman Loose Lips and Blabbermouth (both uncredited) to kidnap Bibleman as well as breaking up the youth music group just by gossiping and guess what? That youth group is the same group of kids seen in last episode so at least continuity has been kept.

The two henchmen throw the gossip towards Ricky (Joe Carr) and the plan worked into some degree. As for Bibleman, he did get captured and is taking to The Gossip Queen before he is then let go (?!?) and with a bit of pain. He became fine quickly and help the group got back together before he has gone back to The Gossip Queen’s hideout and defeat her and her henchmen just by using his light saber while Gossip Queen uses her powers which got indirectly back to the three and they died. The episode ended with the group back together and Bibleman giving his thumbs up.

It’s a fairly weak episode but do I really expect anything much really. I could say the only positive part is that Willie got his wife to play the villain plus she and the henchmen have a musical number which is a first for Bibleman series to my knowledge. The downside is that she played it in a Jewish stereotype look which looks anti-semitic plus does Willie know that Jesus Christ is Jewish right? Then again, I’m going for current and more notable interpretation of the son of god and there’s more than one thanks to one episode of American Gods. And lastly, is it just me or is Loose Lips and Blabbermouth dressed somewhat familiar?

There is honestly a little much to discuss really since the plot is quick and simple but oh well, I got plenty of more to look at so it’s just another meh episode for me. I do expect further episodes to be like that but hey, I can be wrong.


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