My Early Thoughts On Heathers: The Series

September 16, 2017 § Leave a comment

It has been a while since I have done my early thoughts on anything but given the crap that has already come out like The Emoji Movie or will come out like Young Sheldon, there is stuff to talk about on anything really. And in this one, I’m looking into a television series reboot to a 1988 black comedy classic Heathers… a reboot that should forever remain in development hell! The 1988 movie focuses on Veronica who falls for reckless student J.D. while she’s being somewhat friends with three students all whom their first name is Heather. But given J.D.’s attitude, he and Veronica decide to be killers to those three girls along with few others.


It was made way before the uncomfortable events that is the 1999 Columbine shooting and its similar killings after that, it’s a movie that wouldn’t work today given the content. However, it is getting a television show so clearly this type of School Murder is back in fashion. Then again, Scream got itself a television series reboot so I don’t know, maybe there’s hope for a reboot of O starring Josh Harnett. The movie was written by Daniel Waters who wrote other stuff like Hudson Hawk, Batman Returns and Demolition Man. And it was directed by Michael Lehmann… who directed Hudson Hawk!

Now to talk about the reboot and it has been in the works since 2009 with networks shifting and changing plots. To start off with the writers, the series will be written by Jason who wrote a few stuff I don’t know about but is an executive producer for Michael Shannon/Kevin Spacey movie Elvis & Nixon. So far so good, I guess. As for the executive producers, I know television shows had more than one so just going with two, we have Tom Rosenberg who has made crap. Okay, he made few good stuff but he’s the guy whose work includes Underworld movies, Gamer, I, Frankenstein and that forgettable Aeon Flux adaptation.

The other executive producer is Gary Lucchesi whom pretty done the same shit as Tom. Yeah, leave the reboot to the two guys who’s responsible for The Ugly Truth. Hey, why not get Len Wiseman as well? He’s doing great for Lucifer… oh wait, I avoid that show like the cancer that is his re-adaptation of Total Recall so don’t hire that guy. Maybe I should get to the cast instead so what’s the deal with the duo playing Veronica and J.D.? I have seen Grace Victoria Cox in Under The Dome so maybe she’s okay as Veronica. And James Scully as J.D.? I don’t know since he started acting last year so who knows.

As for those who played the three Heathers. This would be interesting to talk about. First we have Jasmine Matthews playing Heather McNamara and it’s her first role so maybe she’ll do well. We have Melanie Field as Heather Chandler and she recently started acting so again, maybe she’s cool. And then we have Heather Duke played by Brendan Scannell. Now before I get to how the characters were done for the series, I should bring up that the casting is different and diversed right down to one of the Heathers being played by a male actor and there’s a reason for it.

While the original movie has three Heathers that are rich, posh females, the series altered them greatly by having Heather McNamara as a African-American lesbian, Heather Chandler being described as “having a body like Martha Dumptruck” (that’s what the press release & news articles has mentioned so I’m guessing the word “plus size” is non-existent to them or something) and Heather Duke be a genderqueer. And I don’t mind these changes, we are living in progressive times and I’m a very open-minded person when it comes to this. I however am puzzled by the fact on how the story is setting now. Besides Heather Chandler, both McNamara and Duke fall to LGBT+ community so by that logic, it means that Veronica and J.D. had being revamped as cisgender, heterosexual serial killers. And this is the point where I’m now concerned about how the reboot is being played out.

Now if they follow the movie template, we know that Heather Duke will survive but still, it’s two straight people killing two Heathers, one of which is a lesbian. Speaking of Heather Duke, Shannen Doherty is in the show and possibly reprising her character from the movie so like Poltergeist remake and the upcoming Flatliners reboot, it’s the “new material being subtly canon with the old material” trick… in a weird way since let me put to you like this, both Heather McNamara and Heather Chandler in the movie died so um, how do they have offsprings with the same first & last name? Was there a teenage pregnancy plot I didn’t know? Maybe the three new Heathers are related to original Heather Duke? This reboot that’s possibly canon to the movie is now confusing as fuck.

And in case we have Shannen in the show, Selma Blair is also in the show so yeah, I’m now thinking of Cruel Intentions than Heathers in this topic. Her character is not mentioned and I look into other casts and some are newcomers while few are not. Heck, I didn’t mention that Brendan is not a newcomer but whatever, Heathers is now a show where heterosexual still needs to be a thing so fuck, let’s kill a girl who’s into girls, a girl who’s into food (?) and a guy who’s a Mx. This show is now set to becoming as dangerous as 13 Reasons Why.

So yeah, I don’t know if I’ll watch it and it’s not just the way it played out but again, I’ve seen the teaser and it look horrid from the get-go so I give this a season or less. Now that I’m talking about one reboot, I think I’m cool with talking about another shortly and before anybody ask, it’s not the genderswapped re-adaptation of Lord of the Flies. It’s something else that actually pissed me though.



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