My Early Thoughts On Death Wish

October 18, 2017 § Leave a comment

So getting into another “Early Thoughts On” article and as much as I have my say on Heathers being rebooted as a television series, that is a little thing compared to something that is so much worth bitching about that it caused my schedule to delay for a few weeks. Admittedly, I also suffer personal problems which I won’t get into but other than that, it has been a while since I am hating on a theatrical reboot in the same anger I have when I saw Total Recall. Before I get to the reboot, I perhaps should start on the basis of it which is the original Death Wish movie franchise.

Now the first Death Wish movie was released in 1974 as based on a novel by Brian Garfield. Despite some changes to the source material, it became a surprise hit that it gained four sequels including the last one which is compared to The Dead Pool in that it has campiness right down to Paul Kemsey killing one of the criminals by using a remote-controlled exploding soccer ball. In my personal opinion, I liked those five movies and it’s just plain fiction involving vigilantism even right down to the ridiculousness of the last one.

And despite Brian’s displeasure, he did wrote a second novel called Death Sentence which focused on his take on Paul Kemsey that differed from his theatrical counterpart. Which in a way is funny since the novel became a loose basis of the movie starring Kevin Bacon, equally good if I should add my personal opinion. So yeah, I like the Death Wish series and like Death Sentence adaptation and like I said, it’s just fiction that might had its own political commentary that didn’t impact me. So now what do I had to say about the upcoming reboot starring Bruce Willis? I should say that I prefer to watch Hudson Hawk instead.

Really, this movie is a bad idea from the get-go and made in a more difficult time in terms of politics and recent happenings like the shooting in Las Vegas. It also a major development hell since it began back in 2006 with Sylvester Stallone tapped to direct and star in it but left due to creative differences. And then Joe Carnahan comes in to give his take with Liam Neeson and Frank Grillo set to star, he left but his script is left behind with Gerardo Naranjo replacing the filmmaker. And then he left and got replaced by Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado. And then they left due to not have their script rewrites allowed by the studio so now we have Eli Roth as the definitive director for this. So Eli Roth is directing the remake, yeah, that’s already a no-no for me.

The reason why is I actually dislike Eli and I have seen Cabin Fever and the first two Hostel movies to know my dislikeness. Even his acting chops didn’t help so I have to wonder why the guy who gave us the meaning of “torture porn” be the guy to remake Death Wish. And the obvious answer might be because money and MGM really are desperate to piss Brian Garfield in this day and age but they also didn’t expect to piss everybody off as well which thanks to the trailer release, everybody lost it big time and throw political rants at it. I have never seen anything like this but this movie might be so bad that it’s not because of Eli Roth but because of politics.

And Bruce Willis as Paul Kersey who’s now a doctor instead of architect because… just because! He is not fitted as the character, he may be a well-known action hero but I do have to confess and say this, Bruce Willis hasn’t been a good star in a long while. Yeah, he might have good roles every now and then but after Get Free or Die Hard and the Red series plus his attitude which caused him to get fired from The Expendables 3, he is already not the same Bruce Willis we cheered back in the 1980s and 1990s. And he is now doing movies for paychecks so really, how low can he go when a DVD set of movies we didn’t know he starred in is in the bargain bin section.

The supporting cast is puzzling as well. We get Vincent D’Onofrio as his brother Frank, a character not in previous franchises unless one can count that this is a reiteration of Detective Frank Ochoa from the first two movies. Dean Norris and Kimberly Elise are in the case as Detective Rains and Jackson respectively which is not much but Dean did explain he likes being typecast as authority-led characters so at least he’s doing something after the cancellation of Under The Dome. Mike Epps and Elisabeth Shue is in this but I can tell that their roles are hardly gotta be used even for Shue whose character is gonna get killed off so Elisabeth, you were in Leaving Las Vegas so how could you say yes to a movie in which your role is shorter than the others.

The last actor I should add is Beau Knapp as the main villain of the piece and well, he might do good since any actor who plays a villain in Death Wish series has some memorability. Jeff Goldblum and Lawrence Fishburne are notable examples and Michael Parks as well for the last movie so off all the casting calls, I think the only positive is the villain of this and that is gonna sad if I’m gonna predestined to hate the movie where the only good thing is the bad guy.

I mentioned development hell earlier and what I’m gonna say is not helping much matter but last week, the movie that was scheduled to be released next month is now moved to March of next year. Now it might because of the shooting that I brought up earlier, the studio make a right decision on delaying the movie to a later date. But to be honest, I think it should be delayed indefinitely instead because the world is right now in a dangerous place and I dislike shootings but what would happen if there’s another one coming up, would the studio delay it again? I don’t know but outside of my dislikeness on the material and the cast, I think this movie should be cancelled or have a quieter release.

Everybody has already ranted on this and many are triggered by its content so if I were in a studio, I would burn the copy of it and not let it see the light of day. Then again, my words wouldn’t work anyway because in the end, we all know Hollywood is being Hollywood and will continue to be that way even after the recent Harvey Weinstein controversy so I’m a unpaid reviewer whose say is not gonna help fix the issue of this movie and everything else. I might speak my opinion but it’s not gonna start world peace or similar, I’m just one man bitching about the movie and the way the world works right now. So to end this topic, the only thing I should say is uh, wait for The Punisher to come out instead. I think I became a hypocrite after saying that but again, it’s fictional vigilantism plus Netflix is being good with Marvel stuff… except maybe Iron Fist! I think I should get to reviewing now.


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