The Bibleman Adventure: The Fiendish Works Of Dr Fear

October 31, 2017 § Leave a comment

Before I get to another Bibleman adventure, I should explain on when I’ll ever get back to Lookback series that doesn’t involve the hero and it is a good question but the thing is that I’m already planning two things next month and there’s Christmas after it and then Janu-Fahey so the sad answer is not this year but in truth, I am planning to end it since my purpose was to look at ones within 2010 timeframe. As for reviews focusing on material I reviewed in 2011 and beyond, not promising anything but maybe someday. Also, I am feeling a bit burned out after all this so my ideal experiment should have been a single year thing but three years? It is too much that the only Asylum movie I reviewed this is a Sharknado sequel (and still, a good one at best).

But hey, I want me some Bibleman action and this one is something because I kid you not when I’m gonna say this. When I reviewed past episodes, I only go towards various online sources like YouTube and this year made me found plenty. This episode however is from a VHS copy I have actually own. Yeah, of all the Bibleman episodes I reviewed and will review in the future, this is the only one I got on video. I may collect crap every now and then but why do I buy this along with the first movies in Apocalypse series is beyond me.

On to this episode, so Miles and Coats were preparing to leave after spending their time in the auditorium for “Clean is Cool” anti-drug campaign but after they left, Dr Fear (Brian Lemmons) and Ludicrous (Andrew Hicks) entered and replaced the two buttons with identical ones to cause whoever wore those to experience them being crippled by fear and anxiety. The buttons obviously falls to Miles but it also falls to student and basketball player Curt (Brad Sikes) during the event which involves a swing revival band and Bibleman dancing. I am not kidding about the last part.

Bibleman is experiencing his own fears whether it’s being interviewed on public access television or having nightmares of losing Coats in a tragic event while Curt has his with being a failure at basketball. It doesn’t take long before Bibleman and Coats discovered what’s going on and in usual Bibleman episode fashion, the hero fought against Dr Fear and Ludicrous so it’s another episode that’s similar to previous ones. Something tells me this episode was originally set up to be Anti-Drug message but it didn’t deliver since the main focus is fear itself and that’s just awkward. I’ve seen comic stories that comes across as a Anti-Drug PSA and at times it delivered but will there be Bibleman fighting against the war on drugs? Probably not.

Despite its loose message, it is a fairly okay episode but uses the copy-and-paste as usual. It has some interesting parts like the appearance of Dr Fear’s colleagues D.I.R.T. (all played by The Supertones, Scarecrow and Tinmen respectively) and how Ludicrous acts like Theodore Logan but if he joined the New Romantics movement instead of Hard Rock.

It probably is the closest thing to Halloween review as there ever could this year but it’s less scary and more mediocre so eh, another episode down. Oh, and one other thing I should bring up is that it has a new theme. I’ll discuss that on next episode but uh, I need to catch up on stuff and fast so until then.


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