Janu-Fahey Couch Potato Week: One Life To Live

November 20, 2017 § Leave a comment

About time I’m getting into this and yeah, it’s a bit late to start but dammit, I promise to get back to this so here we go. Now to start off with, this is a good way to explain a bit about Janu-Fahey Couch Potato Week since this focuses on his Television work minus TV movies whether it’s his main or guest performances only. And it’s possible I might not do all of those as well tracking down because maybe it’s hard-to-find or only aired once which this one is a major example since not only is One Life To Live his acting debut but there’s several episodes of the show that not only I manage to find two with him in it but information is somewhat complicated to check. Also, I’m not a fan of daily soap opera shows.

Suffice to say, I did used to watch something like Neighbors or E-Street but no, I don’t care about Days of Our Lives, General Hospital (unless James Franco is in it) or this one so this might be the only time I look into the show and move along to better stuff. And the worst part about this is me looking at two episodes of this show might be a “review” in quotes because I don’t honestly know what’s going on or care about what’s going on. This month is starting off with me looking at something with Jeff Fahey that I don’t give a damn about so how am I gonna review this in proper? The answer is I don’t honestly know.

The first episode I’m looking at is presumably aired in September 3, 1982 and it involves a planned sabotage of the movie Blood Moon with Marco Dane (Gerald Anthony) as the director. There is honestly not much to synopsis really since I don’t really know what’s going on but Gary Corelli (Jeff Fahey) is noted as one of the suspects plus he’s related to Marco. The only episode that get out of me is that Gary felt like he wants to run away from what’s going on and he’s acting a bit like a Revhead. He probably didn’t since well, there’s another episode I’ll look at in a second but long story short, he is not responsible for stopping the movie.

As for the second episode (presumably aired in September 10, 1984), it’s now a murder mystery of sorts with a couple being married. There is honestly a little plot involving Gary since he only shows up in one scene about to have a date but as for anything else, one of the suspects is being questioned and a news reporter is about to have an affair with a millionaire. Also, there’s a paper mentioning the mob is a very specific “previously on” esque detail so it’s assuming I should catch up on this.

It may be a rough start to this week but at least the four days doesn’t involve this show. It does gain a fact that maybe I won’t look at everything Jeff stars in and it is for the best that I won’t review One Life To Live again. These types of soap are not for me and I can see the noted cliché here and there. Jeff is fine but he doesn’t really do much in these two episodes so yeah, this is best suited for fans of the show and that’s it.

I do apologize if this is how I reviewed but tomorrow, at least I’m starting to look at something self-contained and not going so stay tuned.


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