Single Santa Seeks Mrs Claus

December 24, 2017 § Leave a comment

This is gonna be an interesting way to review a Christmas movie and I hope to not be any offense in why I’m saying it here. Now it is definite that Christmas is not the only festive holiday to occur in December since there’s other holidays made in case of religious and non-religious reasons. Whether it’s Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or Life Day, we are all individuals celebrate our own holiday that we’re born and raised in and one individual is none other than Steve Guttenberg, an actor and comedian who is raised Jewish. Now I only know him in movies and television instead of knowing him personally so whether he celebrates Christmas or Hanukkah is his right and that even includes the notion that he’s playing the son of Santa Claus in not one but two movies.

One of which I’m reviewing this year which is Single Santa Seeks Mrs Claus brought to you by Harvey Frost who kind of have the most Christmas-y name I ever head and not only he direct this and the sequel but he also directed other Christmas fares like A Grandpa For Christmas, All I Want For Christmas, Let It Snow and Battle of the Bulbs so hey, it looks like I got enough Christmas material in the next few years. He has also directed other movies which notably include The Sex And Violence Family Hour starring Jim Carrey and Golf Punks starring Tom Arnold. I don’t know if the last one is notable given that Tom is anything but worth mentioning anyway but I digress.

Steve plays Nick who is about to face his challenge which if you haven’t guess by the title is him finding the love of his life. He does this because his father Santa (John Wheeler) wants to retire and give his business to his son and Santa’s assistant Ernest (Armin Shimerman) gave Nick a list of candidates which all are located in California, none of which is single mother and businesswoman Beth (Crystal Bernard) who is overworked to the point of finding an actor playing Santa in commercials and missing much of her time with her son Jake (Dominic Scott Kay). Also, Beth stopped believing in Christmas at her young age since her wanting her father to come back is never fulfilled so that’s a reason why she’s not a chosen candidate.

With Nick meeting all of his candidates, he noticed Beth during the filming of a commercial and decide to help a child actor out with her performance, a help that lands him to act in commercials which he does before he leaves on Christmas Eve. He and Beth first hit it off as friends before Nick falls for her and tries to convince her to believe in Christmas. Whether it’s putting up Christmas lights or Jedi mind-controlled a Mall Santa to do sign language, her belief is not yet found until he spills the beans about his origins. Beth kicks him out but after thinking about what he said, she writes a letter to Santa to wish for Nick to come back and well, the movie ends with that wish coming true.

It is a fairly decent movie and best watched for all ages but there is some parts that I have to discuss. One is that at times this movie felt like it has a bit of Stranger Danger undertones with the way Nick is behaving. When he first met Beth, he helped a child actor out and then he either hangs with Jake more than Beth or hangs with other kids whether it’s by reading at library or attending a basketball game. In addition, he doesn’t reveal his last name to everybody including his information so had somebody took the Christmas message out, it almost felt like I’m watching a movie where Steve Guttenberg plays an escaped child predator.

But it is a Christmas movie and there are Christmas messages so at least writer Pamela Wallace knows what she’s doing. After all, she’s also the writer of um, 1985’s Witness starring Harrison Ford! Well, how she went from a memorable movie to this is beyond me. The movie really has some hammy dialogue, few product placements and cheesy moments but it’s not all bad really so it’s at least watchable despite what I said. So anyway, if you want a Christmas movie starring Steve Guttenberg, this is one of them so do check it out. So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays this season.


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