Worst Of 2017

January 1, 2018 § Leave a comment

It’s that time of year again where I’ll give my usual opinions on what I like and what I either hate or dislike and outside of Politics, Tragedies and Multiple Celebrity Scandals, 2017 is not really a bad year. Not a good year as well but hey, I thought this year is gonna really suck big time so I didn’t somewhat expect the opposite.


Bright – Oh god, why did I watch this? While I’m gladfully didn’t see the horrors that is The Emoji Movie and The Mummy, I did took my time watching this and this movie is incredibly boring. I feel no emotions watching this other than thinking about something else and I wish I watch a different movie where Will Smith partners up with somebody that’s nothing like Will Smith to defeat those that doesn’t respect any form of law and well, there’s already basically seven movies with that plot. And the social commentary didn’t really work that even Chance the Rapper could see it on twitter. I don’t think that’s much explaining except that it may not be as more boring as After Earth but it is within that path.

Sandy Wexler – Is it surprising that I have seen this movie and almost forget about it afterwards. This is just another Adam Sandler movie with the same humorous tropes, celebrity cameos and whatever. It’s also a period piece which Adam may have done before in The Wedding Singer but here, it hardly screams 1990s unless you see a Timecop movie billboard or Weird Al Yankovic making a cameo looking himself back in that time so honestly, had this movie set in early 2000s or early 2010s, only a very little has changed. I don’t know, it’s another year where Adam dropped a bad movie but this time, it’s a bad movie that is as forgettable as the name of his previous album.

Television Series

Iron Fist – What started with the greatest that is Daredevil and Jessica Jones has ended with the problems with not just this show but also The Defenders in terms of Marvel Cinematic Universe television series. While The Defenders did at least did something that made me binge-watch it all the way through, I took my time watching this from start to finish but in weeks of getting to the finale rather than days. Finn Jones at least tried his best but with sloppy scriptwriting, bad fighting scenes and little originality, he didn’t do good enough. But the blame of this goes more to Scott Buck who’s not a very good showrunner and it’s not just this show and Inhumans (which to anybody’s surprise that I haven’t watched) but he’s the guy who’s involved in the less-favorite kind of seasons of Dexter especially the final season so Dexter Morgan as a lumberjack, you gonna thanks Scott Buck for that.


“Shape Of You” By Ed Sheeran – It is about time that I’m mentioning the global superstar that is Ed Sheeran because despite me hearing about him for several years, I am surprised that I didn’t mention him until this year. Yeah, I’m not a fan of this guy and don’t get why he is popular enough to collaborate with Eminem of all people but beyond that, I hated Shape Of You for a good reason. It’s a song that’s heard literally everywhere, it can’t escape my 33-year old head for a while. The video itself is not making it any better with Ed trying to be a champion to his girl only to end the video with him being defeated in the most ridiculous way possible. I hate this song, this video, this hook and this whatever. And it is sad that the only time I defend Ed is due to his criticized cameo in Game of Thrones, a show I don’t really watch but really… people are bitching about his role in the show? Weird.

“Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay – Just what 2017 needed, a collaboration between the guys who gave us “Selfie” and the guys who gave U2 a run for the most band to really break-up. This team-up is pathetic to the point that Chris Martin namedrops Superman more awkward than Charlie Puth and with a lyric video that made me change the channel a split second. Who was really asking for this really and what’s next? Nickelback teaming up with David Guetta? Yeah, I wish The Chainsmokers won’t come back in 2018. Coldplay on the other hand, yeah, they are inescapable so my wish for them to go away is meaningless.

“Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift – Won’t talk much about this but I do have one thing to say – this song is so bad that it damaged Right Said Fred’s discography all because of a interpolated sample… and I don’t really know why I am saying that but Taylor Swift, did Kanye West hurt you enough to become a more-egotistical pop star? Uh, moving on.


Everything Now by Arcade Fire – I really do wish this is not on the list but this album is really bad. There is few good tracks admittedly but the album is a bad move for the band by satirizing them selling out to the point where fans and non-fans are missing the satirical subtleties. What happened to you guys? You gave us the gloomy masterpieces that is Funeral and The Suburbs and now you decide to do pop songs? Why? Again, it has few good tracks like Put Your Money On Me but it’s a badly constructed album with a message that should have worked in paper but didn’t and the worst part is the band can’t handle criticism much so again, why?


Secret Empire – This one is gonna be interesting to explain. Now, the way I placed this mini-series on this list is not due to the fact that it has “Cap is Hydra” controversy that makes some fans think Marvel supports Neo-Nazis and Alt-Right, no because I knew that Nick Spencer might be planning to cop this out and became open-minded to see how this series goes. The reason I put on the list is really how this series goes since it’s surprisingly worst than Civil War with its real world gritiness that Nick slammed on Twitter and its sloppy writing skills. I can’t lie when I say that I hate comic events that feels very close to home and comic book is supposed to be part of the medium that separates fiction from reality. Also, again with the cosmic cube? Age of Ultron did it better.

So yeah, this list is not much since I haven’t seen much bad movies or shows or hear bad music but mainly because again, 2017 is not much a bad year. Say what you will but hey, there’s more good stuff I can list within this week even with stuff that I didn’t expect to list it there.


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