On The Line

January 30, 2018 § Leave a comment

Oh good god, why am I reviewing this movie? I mean, I didn’t expect to look at On The Line which is a movie where Lance Bass finds the love of his life while being aided by Joey Fatone, so really, how did Jeff Fahey end up in this one? Well, that’s easy. I’m actually reviewing a different movie with the same title but hey, we may not have two *NSYNC members but we do have Coolio instead. I’m not saying it as a bad thing and he was still relevant at that time. Shame really, he is an awesome rapper that should be known for anything other than that one song really.

Again, little to talk about on the director with Elodie Keene being more known for television works. The same can be said for Walter Halsey Davis with him being the writer for The Great Escape II: The Untold Story. Yeah, he’s the guy who wrote a sequel that I don’t know if somebody wanted. And Vickie Patik? Not much except she won an Emmy back in 1985. Seriously, it’s the most easy month for me to look into who wrote and direct those movies, I could even joke about Eric Bross who directed the other On The Line movie but even he has little credit to his work.

Hmm Anyway, the movie focuses primary on Jean (Linda Hamilton) whom after years on working on cases involving sexual assault and crimes, she wants to be transferred to the homicide department while caring for her son Jack (Tim Redwine). As she partners up with Dan Collins (Jeff Fahey), a group of teenagers wreak havoc in the streets robbing banks with all but one wearing afro wigs… to hide their identity that we all can see anyway?!? So Jean and Dan finds their way to stop them along with the help of other detectives Gil (Coolio), Manny (Dean Norris) and Ed (Paul Herman).

Despite that, her new work has a bit of missteps as anybody but Dan pulls prank on her for a brief time before accepting her as their colleague and her previous case is still a bit ongoing before a suspect has been captured. She also has parental problems with her son being fearful she’ll be a victim to all this. They planned to capture those teenagers which they manage to succeed and her work is done here and there so movie finish, right? Um, this is when the next part is going to a different path.

As Jean and Dan were having their drinks, Laslo (David Kagen), a drunk customer nearby shows his gun and prepares to aim at Dan. He shot him and has been shot, ending the movie with her and her friends are at a loss and Jean going to the arcade to care for his son. Honestly, if you take the last bit out, the movie would have been okay as a unsold pilot to an interesting television series. The movie is both gritty and somewhat comical with Linda and Jeff giving their all while Coolio and Dean help out as supporting casts, the story is okay with few flaws but the ending just kind of killed it since it came out of nowhere. Has Dan being played by somebody else? I still stick with what I said.

And given that I said “comical”, it’s even that in one unintentional moment of the movie where Jeff and Linda were talking in a bar while the area they are sitting in seems to be spinning around with me laughing out that their discussion was going on while we can see the background turn. It’s possibly the best part of the movie overall and while this movie is worth checking out for the plot and acting, just wait till you get to that sequence and tell me this is hilariously dumb.

Well, what a month to end this not with a bang but with the fact that I have watched a movie that contains that sequence. Well, there is other stuff to check out like more Bibleman, a bit more Lookback reviews and a couple of Zack Snyder movies (yes, I said “a couple”) so until next time.


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