The Bibleman Adventure: The Fiendish Works Of Dr Fear

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Before I get to another Bibleman adventure, I should explain on when I’ll ever get back to Lookback series that doesn’t involve the hero and it is a good question but the thing is that I’m already planning two things next month and there’s Christmas after it and then Janu-Fahey so the sad answer is not this year but in truth, I am planning to end it since my purpose was to look at ones within 2010 timeframe. As for reviews focusing on material I reviewed in 2011 and beyond, not promising anything but maybe someday. Also, I am feeling a bit burned out after all this so my ideal experiment should have been a single year thing but three years? It is too much that the only Asylum movie I reviewed this is a Sharknado sequel (and still, a good one at best).

But hey, I want me some Bibleman action and this one is something because I kid you not when I’m gonna say this. When I reviewed past episodes, I only go towards various online sources like YouTube and this year made me found plenty. This episode however is from a VHS copy I have actually own. Yeah, of all the Bibleman episodes I reviewed and will review in the future, this is the only one I got on video. I may collect crap every now and then but why do I buy this along with the first movies in Apocalypse series is beyond me.

On to this episode, so Miles and Coats were preparing to leave after spending their time in the auditorium for “Clean is Cool” anti-drug campaign but after they left, Dr Fear (Brian Lemmons) and Ludicrous (Andrew Hicks) entered and replaced the two buttons with identical ones to cause whoever wore those to experience them being crippled by fear and anxiety. The buttons obviously falls to Miles but it also falls to student and basketball player Curt (Brad Sikes) during the event which involves a swing revival band and Bibleman dancing. I am not kidding about the last part.

Bibleman is experiencing his own fears whether it’s being interviewed on public access television or having nightmares of losing Coats in a tragic event while Curt has his with being a failure at basketball. It doesn’t take long before Bibleman and Coats discovered what’s going on and in usual Bibleman episode fashion, the hero fought against Dr Fear and Ludicrous so it’s another episode that’s similar to previous ones. Something tells me this episode was originally set up to be Anti-Drug message but it didn’t deliver since the main focus is fear itself and that’s just awkward. I’ve seen comic stories that comes across as a Anti-Drug PSA and at times it delivered but will there be Bibleman fighting against the war on drugs? Probably not.

Despite its loose message, it is a fairly okay episode but uses the copy-and-paste as usual. It has some interesting parts like the appearance of Dr Fear’s colleagues D.I.R.T. (all played by The Supertones, Scarecrow and Tinmen respectively) and how Ludicrous acts like Theodore Logan but if he joined the New Romantics movement instead of Hard Rock.

It probably is the closest thing to Halloween review as there ever could this year but it’s less scary and more mediocre so eh, another episode down. Oh, and one other thing I should bring up is that it has a new theme. I’ll discuss that on next episode but uh, I need to catch up on stuff and fast so until then.


The Bibleman Adventure: Defeating The Shadow Of Doubt

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Getting to the first episode of The Bibleman Adventure (even though the opening credits contains The Bibleman Show theme song) and not only the title of the show has been changed but a few things have been updated in a way. While previous episodes has Miles fighting solo as the character, this episode starts with him fighting alongside a sidekick by the name of Coats. And not only, he and Coats are aided by a sentient computer known as U.N.I.C.E. as voiced by Willie’s wife aka the villainess from a previous episode.

But as much as he got a sidekick, I now have a question that is in the same place as how did the Bible get into a dirt as I mention in a previous episode – Who is Coats and how did he became a sidekick? Forget it’s saying it’s god’s work and all but he just became a sidekick out of nowhere. The first we saw of him is within the same place Miles works at as the hero and no explanation is given on why he’s there. To also make it more awkward, he’s only his sidekick for few handle of episodes and he later got replaced for unknown reasons.

So we on to Defeating The Shadow of Doubt and we meet up with Kyla (Kyla Pratt) who is casting doubts about her life and religion thanks to her parents arguing constantly. As Bibleman tries to help her out, he discovers that a villain known as The Shadow of Doubt (Brian Lemmons) is behind this as he hides in the church’s basement, and with his own sidekick Ludicrous (Steve Weatherford). He tries to stop him but The Shadow of Doubt also puts Bibleman under the spell as he casts his own doubt.

He later against his own spell and with the help of Coats, you know the outcome to this by now. Bibleman defeated evil and Kyla is no longer questioning herself. Okay, before I get to this, I should mention that yeah, I know it’s a children’s show that aims to them about their own religion and understanding. It has a sense of education and campy fun mixed in but if there’s one I should bring it up, it’s that it’s becoming more copy and paste in terms of storyline.

Bibleman tries to help a child but discovers a villain is nearby, he fought the villain a couple of times and wins in the end. It was like that in a couple of episodes and a bunch more after that. While it did have changes, it’s becoming a bit repetitive. Oh well, I’ll still look up to the show because while I may expect a little is new in terms of plot synopsis, at least there are differences. And this might be surprising but The Shadow of Doubt will return in later episodes, although in different identities. Ludicrous however remains the same so we have Bibleman’s answer to Otis from the first two Superman movies I guess.

It’s nothing much unless you wanna see The Shadow of Doubt having his rap number or him along with Bibleman breaking the fourth wall (yeah, Bibleman is aware you are watching him now) but it’s already same-plot-different-take as I brought up. At least it’s starting to feel a step-up after seeing few episodes but I hope I’m not jinxing that and now I doubt (no pun intended) I gonna enjoy later episodes but we’ll see so under then, I gonna see if The Shadow of Doubt’s rap number got some vaporwave makeover or something.

The Bibleman Show: Silencing The Gossip Queen

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If there’s anything I should discuss about Bibleman that I haven’t, it’s that I should talk about his origin. And really, I should have since it’s part of the opening credits sequence, the origin has Miles living his wealthy life with money, success and so on but he feels like life is more than that and he rages out in rain while throwing his documents away. As he got to the ground, he discovers the bible in the dirt and then a light beams on him which signals the beginning of the hero. And since I talk about the origin, I should also over-analyse one part of it because it might be the weakest superhero origin I ever seen.

The question being why is the bible in the ground? I’m not sure if it’ll ever be followed up but this is quite possibly the question that I honestly wanna know the answer to. On one hand, it might be part of god’s plan but on another hand, it is caused by somebody who used to be a believer and he or she decide to toss it in the ground. And before anybody ask, it is possible Miles did it himself since he throw the documents out but we didn’t see he opening up the suitcase and shoot the bible there. Going back to somebody tossing the bible, there’s a scenario I should bring up which is what might happen if Miles didn’t rage-quit and the bible is left in the ground. Imagine somebody else found it and become God’s chosen superhero.

We may never know but for now, it is time to look at Silencing The Gossip Queen which is the final episode of The Bibleman Show (and don’t worry, I look at The Bibleman Adventure within next month). As Miles is doing his work, he is noticed by the villainess known simply as The Gossip Queen (Maylo McCaslin) as she orders her henchman Loose Lips and Blabbermouth (both uncredited) to kidnap Bibleman as well as breaking up the youth music group just by gossiping and guess what? That youth group is the same group of kids seen in last episode so at least continuity has been kept.

The two henchmen throw the gossip towards Ricky (Joe Carr) and the plan worked into some degree. As for Bibleman, he did get captured and is taking to The Gossip Queen before he is then let go (?!?) and with a bit of pain. He became fine quickly and help the group got back together before he has gone back to The Gossip Queen’s hideout and defeat her and her henchmen just by using his light saber while Gossip Queen uses her powers which got indirectly back to the three and they died. The episode ended with the group back together and Bibleman giving his thumbs up.

It’s a fairly weak episode but do I really expect anything much really. I could say the only positive part is that Willie got his wife to play the villain plus she and the henchmen have a musical number which is a first for Bibleman series to my knowledge. The downside is that she played it in a Jewish stereotype look which looks anti-semitic plus does Willie know that Jesus Christ is Jewish right? Then again, I’m going for current and more notable interpretation of the son of god and there’s more than one thanks to one episode of American Gods. And lastly, is it just me or is Loose Lips and Blabbermouth dressed somewhat familiar?

There is honestly a little much to discuss really since the plot is quick and simple but oh well, I got plenty of more to look at so it’s just another meh episode for me. I do expect further episodes to be like that but hey, I can be wrong.

The Bibleman Show: The Six Lies Of The Fibbler

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Returning to my lookback series of reviews and it has been this long hasn’t it since this is the third Bibleman episode I’m reviewing and the last time I look at the show was five years ago. So much has radically changed since then and I have that much catching up to do so this week I am looking at an episode entitled The Six Lies Of The Fibbler and already I am concerned about the title. I mean, I get what the word “Fibbler” means since it’s a mix of fibber and liar but uh, it’s a children’s show and had I not known what that word means, I would have mistaken it for a supervillain who’s into children in a Stranger Danger manner.

But I do need to recap a bit about Bibleman and I find it a bit surprise that I didn’t look much in the back story on my previous two reviews. Bibleman is a show created by former child star Willie Aames and it not gained three different incarnations but also spawned live shows, an animated series, action figures and even a board game. Really, there’s also a video game that got few infamous reviews on YouTube. I did bring up years ago that it spawned a parody on MadTV in which Michael McDonald took on the role on Bibledube and I should reviewing those but given that each sketch’s runtime is few minutes, it’s best to stick where it’s parodied from instead.

The episode begins in the home of Miles Peterson (Willie Aames) as he walks to get his helmet. Also, his home looks like a mix of medieval batcave and 1950s horror movie laboratory with chemicals. We then meet with Ashley (Ashley Perry) who’s late to see her friends for their forthcoming rehearsal and under control by the villainous known as The Fibbler (Bill Murphy) who hides in the tree, she gives lying excuses to her friends. Bibleman himself appears and checks on the rehearsal but thought he saw something but forgets about it quickly.

Ashley’s friend Ryan (Roman Sienkiewicz) then apologizes for starting the argument and thought she could help out a cassette tape full of their music. Later on, The group performs on church and was set to perform more but Ashley forgot and continues to lie in front of her friends and Miles, even with The Fibbler in the room controlling her actions in front of her and her friends. Miles changes to Bibleman later and greets people before he finally notice The Fibbler and have a lightsaber-like fight.

The fight is stopped by one of Ashley’s friends who mentioned Ashley quits the group and The Fibbler disappeared. As Bibleman returns to the Eagle Gate (which is the name of his headquarters thanks to a narration speak during this episode), he checks on profiles of villains he fought like…

He then discovers The Fibbler’s profile and thanks lord for this. On the following day, Ashley’s friends talk about them letting Ashley know that they are there for her. Miles comes in and they left but not before he talks to one of them about what’s going on. He changes into Bibleman and meets with Ashley in an empty playground (again, nothing creepy at all) about what’s going on. After few bible verses and talk, Bibleman wants Ashley to be honest and she accepts before he presumably sends her home.

Ashley meets with her friends and apologizes to her friends about her lies. They forgiven her which angered The Fibbler. He then got discovered by Bibleman and they fought again before The Fibbler is defeated and killed off by his lightsaber electrocution. The episode then ends with Miles thanking god and the group performing their song even when the credits start rolling so yeah, the episode needs to finish up fast.

Okay, outside of musical numbers and few weird paedophilac-like overtones, this episode is pretty okay. It really has been five years since I’ve seen this and oh boy, there is more to look forward to so I’ll be looking at The Bibleman Show sometime in the future so much your calendar when I’m looking at Silencing The Gossip Queen in 2022. Fine fine, I shouldn’t lie but I will be looking at that episode within the next few weeks. That, and I’ll watch others within this year and later. Either that or I’ll be looking at Bibledude instead.

The Bibleman Show: Back To School

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It has been a while but I’m finally reviewing another Bibleman adventure. And to be honest, I had been waiting this long to get my hands on the second episode. Sure, I got other episodes and would have review them straight away but I don’t know why. I could say that it’s because those first two episodes are out of print and hard to find but I don’t think that’s the case. Well, Let’s just jumped to the second episode called Back To School anyway.

The episode involves Miles being kidnapped by Madame Glitz (Cindy Phillips) who had kept a surveillance watch on his place while knowing Bibleman’s secret identity. The reason why Miles is kidnapped is because she wants the school to not feature the hero and causing his reputation ruined which is a better villain plan than Dr Doom trying to switch bodies with Daredevil (Yeah, A dictator switching bodies with a blind person). Other than that, There’s a subplot involving two school students (their names are not necessary) making a bet for their comics to see if Bibleman makes an appearance or not.

Bibleman did managed to escape and put Madame Glitz on the television for what I presumed it to be for good and makes it to the show and joins the kids for bunch of musical numbers. One kid who lost his bet doesn’t care about the comic and thinking it’s tamed but Bibleman himself did appear in one comic book storyline plus he’s a superhero that this kid saw on stage… hypocritical much.

I do have to say that this episode is not worth checking out because the Bibleman plot only goes for less than ten minutes, the Betting Kids subplot is pointless and not necessary and there’s heaps of musical numbers to pad the timing. In addition, Madame Glitz is one of the worst villains I ever seen and resembles a crazy cat lady pretending to be a soccer mom which doesn’t work. I do say that her henchmen known simply as “The Thug” (Joe Phillips) should have a better villain but he only appeared in one scene which involves him capturing Miles and that’s about it.

So what else do I say about it? It should have stayed hard to find and out of print but it’s not over for me reviewing Bibleman’s adventures as I got a bunch more that I had yet to watch along with Bibleman Jr which featured Jim Varney… So yeah, Ernest did went to Bible Camp after all.

The Bibleman Show: The Big, Big Book

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Warning: To those that people that’s a devout Christian in his/her own right, This review might have jokes that is only suitable for comical purposes but I do not include course languages unlike other reviews. Maybe it’s because I might a slim change not to be stranded in Dante’s Inferno and I do mean a very slim chance.

Seeing as we live in a comic book culture that’s ruled by DC and Marvel, There are superheroes that us fans have either liked it for the storytelling or hate it for something else. So other than the ones published in printing form, We also have heroes that was made for both the television and theatrical medium like The Greatest American Hero, Darkman and Pumaman. We get a lot of good ones and also bad ones like Metal Man. In case you’re wondering, I’m still not over seeing that hideous movie.

Has the makers of this movie got a lawsuit by Marvel yet? I still haven’t got the feedback from Joe Quesada.

And seeing as I’m pretty much a total Comic book geek, I thought I seen enough. But not long after I got The Return of Captain Invincible, I just saw something else that I didn’t know existed. First off, I remember back when there’s a series of parodies on MadTV about a superhero who teaches some children about the dangers of sins while killing the ones that committed it and thought of that as an original joke. Now, I think of those “Bibledude” skits as parodies because I discover the heavenly popularity that is… Bibleman.

So after some checking on anything about Bibleman, I began looking through episodes and discovered the first episode on YouTube. This is one of the two episodes that’s now “no longer available” (according to Wikipedia) but since one just popped up there, I can safely say it’s available to the public. It’s a shame that I didn’t see other episodes yet (they’re pretty much hard-to-find) so in the meantime, I’ll start the review anyway. We begin with the opening credits with the catchiest theme song since Degrassi Junior High and then segued to the children singing “The Good Book” with a Bibleman cardboard stand-in to sum up what he looks like.

Hey Kids, Remember that urban legend from “Three Man and a Baby” about a ghost which turns out to be a cardboard stand-in of Ted Danson? Well, Look behind you and tell me that’s Bibleman or not.

So after seeing a song that could an outtake music track from Mr. T’s Be Somebody (or some educational kid’s show that I missed out on my childhood), Those kids then have second thoughts about the song being “interesting” which means it’s not good. I do have to disagree since the song is already perfect enough to enter the Christian Pop Charts so if any of you are thinking of either auto-tune the song or get Phil Spector to do the overdubbing, I will have to pass on that including Phil Spector who’s now hanging with some butch in the slammer. By the way, Where in heaven is the title character of the show?

While some say it’s “interesting”, One of them actually said that it’s “doggone interesting” and probably didn’t know that Dog is backwards for God (and who ever says “doggone” anymore?).

They considered about cancelling the show and wanted Bibleman to be here. Then, Some guy known as Miles Peterson (Willie Aames) came in and fell over because he’s the clumsiest bloke here. But he doesn’t stay there for long as he exited the stage and secretly heard anything the kids have said. He then prays to the lord and becomes Bibleman. Okay, I don’t know what to expect from the fact that clumsy guy is actually the superhero here.

They then do another rehearsal (and that one is considered “interesting”) before Bibleman appears and Wesley (Ross Thierry) says that’s “doggone interesting” (he said it twice in one episode). The hero then tries to help the kids about overcoming the stage fright and so on. He then tells them about the story which we can then see in the flashback. Alright, Bibleman is fighting something with some rocking instrumental music so this show is now becoming interesting already (and I don’t mean it like that).

Bibleman is here to kick some… thing behind some person’s back that is based on an Donkey’s nickname. Yeah, This is one joke that just gone flatline since the start of it (and this is the best image I could use).

But the battle is short-lived since he is then captured and put into a bluescreen cage by… Dr. Insano! Actually, The antagonist is Dr. Decepto (Ron Schott) but despite the green-colored face, he looks almost dead-on as the perfect inspiration to The SpoonyOne‘s alter ego (he even laughs like a mad scientist). So while being trapped, He prays to god and the story ends with Dr. Decepto being caged and defeated by the hero himself… without some fighting sequence and all.

Notice the connection?

The flashback ended and the Kids are then confused about why the story is connected to the Kids having problem with the show. Bibleman then explains that they have to do the hardest while God takes care of everything else. So after Bibleman left the building, We then cut to the second music sequence and I kinda dislike it unlike the first one. But then, Some gray-haired guy walks to the stage and explained that he heard the music from his house (!) before he placed his hand in some kid’s shoulder. Uh… Okay.

Bibleman, Where In God’s Name Are You?

The gray-haired guy then exits the stage and becomes a bodyguard in front of the children audience. Suddenly, This show is a bit weird. The kids were let in and we get the two following song sequences here:

The Book Of Books – An classroom-set song that explains that the Bible is better than anything else since they mentioned that Comic books will make us smile, the Telephone book will make us dial and so on.

I Go To The Bible – An 1950s diner tune with an Fonzie-like kid singing about the Bible with an uncredited Elvis soundalike doing the backup vocals during the chorus.

So after those two songs, Bibleman reappeared enough to make a kid wearing a weird sunglasses saying “cool”.

Let’s call this “The Secret Origin of The ’90s Kid”.

Bibleman then begins his own song sequence and uh… I’m not sure about this song since it felt a little plagiarist. It’s like I heard a similar tune somewhere before but I can’t quite figure out so I’m betting that Bibleman and God is ignoring the “Thou Shalt Not Steal” rule in this episode. After the song, Bibleman then explains to the audience about why the Bible is awesome while he’s channelling the acting of William Shatner.

And we back to more songs in this show and I don’t mean to be offensive when I say the song made me feel asleep so I’m skipping this part. Following that, Bibleman returns yet again with more explanation about the Bible before we briefly cut another song which has the lyrics being catchy while Wesley himself fell down during the song before getting up and continued singing.

The show is over and Bibleman returns to his clumsy self which involves him falling over (while breaking the fourth wall) before this episode ends with a message about more words about reading the bible and on with the credits. So what do I have to say about the first episode of The Bibleman Show? I do say it’s an interesting find and despite its Mid-1990s VHS standards, It is pretty harmless. Sure enough that the acting isn’t well-delivered and the special effects is very low-budget but it is harmless enough to add an Rifftrax commentary for some. And I just hope that there’s more of that coming our way.

Oh, and the link to view this Bibleman episode is within this YouTube page .

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