Lend Me Your Ears: The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1)

December 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

INTRODUCTION: This new series (which replaced “Just A Harmless Attack” since my fourth work is delayed indefinitely due to writer’s block) focuses on my reviews on the good, the bad and the ugliness of music. It’s released simultaneously with the ones posted at Shattered Records forum and be sure to check it out with somebody else’s opinion on music. So enough of yet another plug and on to the review.

Last decade was weird when I was in various kind of phases – I was in a phase when Britney Spears was once hot, I was in a phase when 50 Cent was better than Tupac Shakur and yes, I was also in a Emo phase. But one phase that covered half of the decade was sadly Limp Bizkit. Yeah, I’ve been listening to their music from Chocolate Starfish to well… This thing that I brought when it came out. Ever since then, I’m thinking why the fuck did I brought this… thing?


I’m passed beyond to the point of enjoy my time listening to them. I don’t care anymore on what to think of Fred Durst and his sense of Nu-Metal music. Heck, I didn’t even bother checking if his latest “comeback” album is out yet. Well, I’m going to their territory and listen to their EP that halted their career. So let me put this $12.99 release on give it some breakdown on this piece of shit.

01) The Propaganda – This song is nothing interesting to start of with. It’s basically Fred telling us that Propaganda is the best sell to us innocent people and we’re all kinda knew that since Captain America and Superman tells their readers to buy War Bonds to fight against Hitler. It is the usual Nu Metal back-to-basics with Wes Borland involved and that’s about it.

02) The Truth – Perhaps the only song to be released in Music Video form and well, this one is a bit okay. It’s basically the Band suggesting us to imagine a world where Truth is acceptable and with God being involved. But then, He goes on about a world with Violence being mentioned and this from a guy who once started a mosh pit that killed a fangirl in the process. Oh, Has Fred even bothered to write a tribute to one Jessica Michalik? I’ll have to check on that on future installments but in the meantime, Here’s the music video:

03) The Priest – This song is fucking terrible and the most disturbing “Ripped from the Headlines” track ever heard. In the beginning, Fred is having some thoughts on him turning into a Priest and I’m not sure if it’s connected to his appearance on mini-series “Revelations”. Then, The second half came when Father Fred Durst sees another Priest molesting children, Buildings blown up by Terrorists and… Tom Morello killing Dimebag Darell on stage. Wow, This song is surely making controversy but failed since it’s only us LP fans (even former ones) and Reviewers know about it. The song then ends in a Propaganda-like anthem with soldiers marching. Uh, How is this connected to this song apparently? You know, This is the worst Limp Bizkit song I ever heard.

04) The Key – This is yet another attempt of Fred Durst going down on Nu-Metal Hip Hop and well… There’s no guest rappers like Method Man and DMX and it’s probably two-and-a-half minutes short so this song is probably a filler track and probably an example of Fred imagining doing his solo Hip-Hop album. So it’s stupid but it is quick.

05) The Channel – This song is also okay but not original since it’s basically Fred Durst explaining that he hates everything from Television to Radio to Deceased Drug-Overdosed Heroes. Plus, He doesn’t give a fuck about anything he mentions… which is already been done before. It’s just a usual Limp Bizkit track.

06) The Story – I’m not sure if Fred Durst is a fan of Paul McCartney and Wings since he basically started off with “Just live and let die” but moving on anyway. I thought this song was a bit okay but what ruined this track is Fred mentioned his life is like a “E! True Hollywood Story”. And then, He explains issue on civilians with their lifestyle taste ain’t using that kinda style anymore like Rappers, Actors… and Limpsters! If that is the new nickname for LP fans then I hate it. So Basically, This song is Fred talking about his view on Hollywood or something similar?

07) The Surrender – This song is a bit change since it’s Fred and his band on their dark stripped down take. This one is kinda okay and I hope for something like that from a band who normally sings to post-Y2K fanbase. But sadly with Gold Cobra coming out, My hope is forever hopeless.

B-Sides And Other Junks

* The Unquestionable Truth Intro – Nothing much to say about this since it doesn’t involve the Band performing and that’s about it. Also, This intro is previously heard on their website that I went before the EP’s release so nothing much on that.

* The Unquestionable Truth CD-Rom Video – Believe it or not, It doesn’t work much on my laptop for some strange reason so I’ve finding a alternate copy online and well, I give up because I remember watching it years ago and it’s nothing interesting as well.

So The EP only have a couple of good tunes with bad tunes involved. It’s a forgotten piece of their poisonous Discography and should be stayed forgotten because the Band dismissed it and there will never be a ”Part II” coming out. And why am I reviewing this instead of their earlier albums? Just to prepare myself for the worst… Now I’m taking a Durst break and tackle other things before I should check their only album without a Wes Borland involvement.


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