The Bibleman Show: The Six Lies Of The Fibbler

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Returning to my lookback series of reviews and it has been this long hasn’t it since this is the third Bibleman episode I’m reviewing and the last time I look at the show was five years ago. So much has radically changed since then and I have that much catching up to do so this week I am looking at an episode entitled The Six Lies Of The Fibbler and already I am concerned about the title. I mean, I get what the word “Fibbler” means since it’s a mix of fibber and liar but uh, it’s a children’s show and had I not known what that word means, I would have mistaken it for a supervillain who’s into children in a Stranger Danger manner.

But I do need to recap a bit about Bibleman and I find it a bit surprise that I didn’t look much in the back story on my previous two reviews. Bibleman is a show created by former child star Willie Aames and it not gained three different incarnations but also spawned live shows, an animated series, action figures and even a board game. Really, there’s also a video game that got few infamous reviews on YouTube. I did bring up years ago that it spawned a parody on MadTV in which Michael McDonald took on the role on Bibledube and I should reviewing those but given that each sketch’s runtime is few minutes, it’s best to stick where it’s parodied from instead.

The episode begins in the home of Miles Peterson (Willie Aames) as he walks to get his helmet. Also, his home looks like a mix of medieval batcave and 1950s horror movie laboratory with chemicals. We then meet with Ashley (Ashley Perry) who’s late to see her friends for their forthcoming rehearsal and under control by the villainous known as The Fibbler (Bill Murphy) who hides in the tree, she gives lying excuses to her friends. Bibleman himself appears and checks on the rehearsal but thought he saw something but forgets about it quickly.

Ashley’s friend Ryan (Roman Sienkiewicz) then apologizes for starting the argument and thought she could help out a cassette tape full of their music. Later on, The group performs on church and was set to perform more but Ashley forgot and continues to lie in front of her friends and Miles, even with The Fibbler in the room controlling her actions in front of her and her friends. Miles changes to Bibleman later and greets people before he finally notice The Fibbler and have a lightsaber-like fight.

The fight is stopped by one of Ashley’s friends who mentioned Ashley quits the group and The Fibbler disappeared. As Bibleman returns to the Eagle Gate (which is the name of his headquarters thanks to a narration speak during this episode), he checks on profiles of villains he fought like…

He then discovers The Fibbler’s profile and thanks lord for this. On the following day, Ashley’s friends talk about them letting Ashley know that they are there for her. Miles comes in and they left but not before he talks to one of them about what’s going on. He changes into Bibleman and meets with Ashley in an empty playground (again, nothing creepy at all) about what’s going on. After few bible verses and talk, Bibleman wants Ashley to be honest and she accepts before he presumably sends her home.

Ashley meets with her friends and apologizes to her friends about her lies. They forgiven her which angered The Fibbler. He then got discovered by Bibleman and they fought again before The Fibbler is defeated and killed off by his lightsaber electrocution. The episode then ends with Miles thanking god and the group performing their song even when the credits start rolling so yeah, the episode needs to finish up fast.

Okay, outside of musical numbers and few weird paedophilac-like overtones, this episode is pretty okay. It really has been five years since I’ve seen this and oh boy, there is more to look forward to so I’ll be looking at The Bibleman Show sometime in the future so much your calendar when I’m looking at Silencing The Gossip Queen in 2022. Fine fine, I shouldn’t lie but I will be looking at that episode within the next few weeks. That, and I’ll watch others within this year and later. Either that or I’ll be looking at Bibledude instead.


Clerks: The Live-Action 1995 Pilot

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While I am still waiting for one show to return, I thought of taking a look at a television property that should have been… unreleased of course. Now we all know the legendary short-lived animated series based on Kevin Smith’s cult favorite debut Clerks but not many knew that it’s not the first time the movie has gotten a television spin-off. Shortly after the movie’s release, Touchstone Television decide to give a try on a live-action sitcom based on the movie and they made a pilot that not only is unaired but is considered a holy grail item to the public for many years. And earlier this year, somebody leaked it to a video-sharing network and everybody who wanted to see it has seen it. So to that person who leaked it,  I should thank you for making the fans of View Askew franchise load up their own pitches and forks and attempt to find your place.
And surprisingly, Kevin himself nearly put the infamous pilot for the 10th anniversary DVD but changed his mind because well, you will see why. Also, Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson both audition for the part of Dante Hicks (yes, Jeff who played Randal in the movie audition for the part of his character’s friend) but it never happened. I wouldn’t blame them so instead you have Jim Bauer and some guy I never heard of taking the role of Dante and Randal. And to add insult, there’s no Jay and Silent Bob in this pilot at all.

The pilot began in the uh, Rose Market! Funny, it doesn’t look like QuickStop but hey, this is the first difference between the show and the movie and by its first second no less. So anyway, we meet up with Dante (Andrew Lowery), Randal (Jim Breuer) and… Todd (Rick Gomez) who’s eating his ice cream talking to Sandra (Keri Russell) about why she is tanned and why lotion causes cancer. then walks away when Randal puts on the lotion and pretends to melt like he’s the wicked witch of the west. Later, Dante is visited by his girlfriend Veronica (Noelle Parker) and he is having an overnight shift which results to change the planning of their date. And the plan is to watch the movie in Randal’s video store which includes Todd and Randal who’s spoiling movies to a customer.

And all of a sudden, Dante’s dad appears out of the store. The father talks to Dante about the job interview while Randal and Todd complains about the movie she is watching. After the father left, Dante notices and caught Ray (Bodhi Elfman) for stealing a six-pack in a dumb way. It wasn’t long before his old friend Cliff (André Nemec) appeared and causes a little commotion when Veronica appears. It leads to the date being sort-of ruined and Dante to make phone messages before he decides to call for a job interview which Randal is annoyed about.

Later on, Randal appears to help fix Todd up with Sandra while begging Dante to join in the action. Dante attempts to disagree because he doesn’t want to be hung over for the interview. And then suddenly, we cut to the video store having a party. Now why did that not happen when I go to my local video stores? As for Dante, he caught Ray stealing stuff in the store again and (in a more obvious way of trying to hide it). Ray explains that he’s getting the ice for a different party held by Cliff and he also brought up that Veronica is there. And as Dante walks out, he asked Cliff to watch the place.

Cliff 1
Dante then turns to Randal for help and he agrees but with also taking Todd away while he’s kissing Sandra. The three crashed the party and Dante asked Cliff to paint the tower which results to Dante and Cliff painting it. The police officer arrived and Cliff pull a “narc” on Dante. Veronica explains that Dante is immature and drops the spray can to an officer. Both Dante and Veronica is in the police car and reconciled their relationship problem. The officer decides to let them go and it ended the show with the three guys and Veronica watching a video of Cliff stealing stuff at the store.

Cliff 2
I can see why this is not worth picking up as a series. Okay to be honest, the pilot is not great but not awful at the same time. It’s really just a watered-down spin-off of the movie with the kind of humor that is later emulated in Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place. The acting is there and not forced-in at all. While Andrew did try his best as Dante, Jim also did okay as Randal but honestly, he is better at Saturday Night Live and his stand-up comedy act.

Jim Breuer
Keri is fine as Sandra but it’s forgettable enough that she did went on to better things and Rick Gomez… well, I do have to wonder why they added him as third main character of the show for no apparent reason. If you wanna check the pilot for either curiosity’s sake or if you’re a hardcore Kevin Smith fan who just found out this has been unofficially released, well the video link is below but it’s better to watch the first two movies and the animated series instead of this so it’s your choice really. Hmm, come to think of it, I haven’t even seen Kevin’s latest movie Tusk yet so why am I not watching that one instead of this? Uh, I’ll get to it someday.

12 Monkeys – The Series: Season One Review

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Sorry I took a bit of time away because the reason for that is… I saw a horrible, horrible show. I will get to that one next time (along with few others) but in the meantime, how is my take on 12 Monkeys as a television series? Uh, it’s not great but surprise to say, the show would have worked better if it’s called anything else. I already brought up the fact that I’m a fan of the movie and my issue with the show prior to its episodic airings and honestly, I did watch the show with the open mindset and not get into the “property is ruined” kind of situation. After 13 episodes, the show is just attempting to be its own thing and um, it kinda worked.

Season 2
The first reason why I say this is the plot development on the show. Now the show is basically James having his mission to avert the outbreak that nearly caused human extinction which includes Cassandra in the mix. And really, that’s what 12 Monkeys results into. It abandoned the tale of a time traveler who is doing research even by going the wrong time and goes straight into the man who might save the future. Granted, he did get sent to the wrong time in a couple of episodes but nothing major that results him being placed in the mental institution which I’ll get to in a second.

James Cole
And the part of the mental institution. He did went there but by choice instead of by accident since he’s looking for Jennifer this time rather than how the outbreak occurs and that’s following the time her father died by the power of creating a paradox. After that, he just went to various missions to stop the virus and that’s it. Alright, the way I remember about the movie is that it has its own sense of paranoia that involves both James and Kathryn and that part is almost absent. I say almost because a hint of it is there with Cassandra but the hint is mostly about the red forest mumbo jumbo that I disliked.

Red Forest
Now I’m getting to the Army of the 12 Monkeys thing and oh, it started it off interesting but somewhat ruined in the end. When James encountered few characters associate with them like The Slender Man (still calling him by that) and Olivia (Alisen Down) but in the end, it’s revealed that the army turns out be twelve infants born in 2015 and grew up to be… the blue man group fan club! Actually, they are somewhat a cult who wants to keep a steady, casual time loop in their timeline and don’t want James or anybody else alter it even if it results into an upcoming outbreak. I would have said it was an interesting twist but instead, the revelation is handle in a weak way possible.

But if there’s one good thing about the plot of the show – it’s the time travel aspect. Now it’s mostly okay with James traveled from 2043 to 2013 or 2015 but it got off interesting when he appeared in an alternate version of 2043 and also confusing since let me put this way, he traveled back to his present but didn’t have enough time to save Cassandra in 2015 and what happened when he went to his time period? Cassandra died early, the virus is released early and James Cole of this “new” timeline got killed years earlier which is the confusing part because really, he went to 2043 despite his counterpart being dead before that date and he didn’t get blinked out of existence? Yeah, you could call it delayed ripple effect but still.

Marty McFly
Another interesting thing about it is the aging process on one of the characters. You see, one episode has Jose trying to stop James in 1987 but instead got stranded in that time period and remained alive through today while never seemed to age at all. Yeah, if you go to the past and get stuck there. You might be immortal but you look like it. I just hope that part was not forgotten in the next season though. And the reason why Jose is stuck there and trying to stop James. He found out he has a son he never knew in 2043 and decide to not have the timeline changed which results him to be somewhat associated with the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Now that one is a better twist than who the army are in my opinion.

Moving on to the acting and what to say. Both Aaron and Amanda did a good job as James and Cassandra (and before anybody mentioned it, yes, I get the name change being related to the Cassandra complex but still, it’s not worth changing anyway). Emily did well as Jennifer and Kirk is awesome as Jose but the best role in the series is Barbara Sukowa as Katarina Jones and she really wins the show. Maybe it’s her accent or her attitude but I like her and it’s strange that she’s one of the few cast members that made me watch all those episodes. Lastly on the positives, there’s Todd Stashwick as Deacon and he’s awesome in the show as the antagonist and I can’t wait to see more of him in the show since dammit, he once played Dale in The Riches. He may be a recurring character but he should appear more.

Katarina Jones
As for the others, I have not much care for Noah Bean as Aaron and he didn’t buy it for me but he only has one season worth of appearances so I probably not gonna miss him in the next season. There’s also Olivia as played by Alisen Down who’s very less interesting, monotone and looked like she did her “sleep acting” the same way Kristen Stewart did for the Twilight saga. She’s probably the worst character in the show thus far and I don’t take her seriously to be honest. I would say Željko did well as Leland but he only appeared in few episodes and that kind of makes me sad, I say the same for Xander Berkeley as Colonel Foster who’s a surprise for me since I didn’t know he appeared in it until I watched it.

Alisen Down
Lastly, there’s The Slender Man himself. Now Tom Noonan can act even in a creepy tone and I sort-of see it but at the same time, I didn’t and forgot about it afterwards. I don’t know why but he just doesn’t do it for me and is hardly scary as the name I’m calling him. He remained nameless even until after James sets off another Paradox which killed him. Will The Slender Man or The Placcid Man reveal his actual name in the near future, I don’t know but time will tell (no pun intended of course).

Tom Noonen
So above all that, will I watch the second season? Yeah, I would and it may not be good but it’s not bad at the same time. It’s at least better than the previous movie-to-television adaptations like Teen Wolf or Napoleon Dynamite. I don’t know if Terry himself liked it or not (he did mention it’s not a great idea) and lot of his motifs and style is missing but honestly, it’s one of the movies he did that’s written by somebody else. It at least is better than the upcoming The Brothers Grimm television series that the film’s screenwriter Ehren Kruger is involved in. Yeah, I am not watching that one. Besides, I never liked that movie anyway.

The Bibleman Show: Back To School

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It has been a while but I’m finally reviewing another Bibleman adventure. And to be honest, I had been waiting this long to get my hands on the second episode. Sure, I got other episodes and would have review them straight away but I don’t know why. I could say that it’s because those first two episodes are out of print and hard to find but I don’t think that’s the case. Well, Let’s just jumped to the second episode called Back To School anyway.

The episode involves Miles being kidnapped by Madame Glitz (Cindy Phillips) who had kept a surveillance watch on his place while knowing Bibleman’s secret identity. The reason why Miles is kidnapped is because she wants the school to not feature the hero and causing his reputation ruined which is a better villain plan than Dr Doom trying to switch bodies with Daredevil (Yeah, A dictator switching bodies with a blind person). Other than that, There’s a subplot involving two school students (their names are not necessary) making a bet for their comics to see if Bibleman makes an appearance or not.

Bibleman did managed to escape and put Madame Glitz on the television for what I presumed it to be for good and makes it to the show and joins the kids for bunch of musical numbers. One kid who lost his bet doesn’t care about the comic and thinking it’s tamed but Bibleman himself did appear in one comic book storyline plus he’s a superhero that this kid saw on stage… hypocritical much.

I do have to say that this episode is not worth checking out because the Bibleman plot only goes for less than ten minutes, the Betting Kids subplot is pointless and not necessary and there’s heaps of musical numbers to pad the timing. In addition, Madame Glitz is one of the worst villains I ever seen and resembles a crazy cat lady pretending to be a soccer mom which doesn’t work. I do say that her henchmen known simply as “The Thug” (Joe Phillips) should have a better villain but he only appeared in one scene which involves him capturing Miles and that’s about it.

So what else do I say about it? It should have stayed hard to find and out of print but it’s not over for me reviewing Bibleman’s adventures as I got a bunch more that I had yet to watch along with Bibleman Jr which featured Jim Varney… So yeah, Ernest did went to Bible Camp after all.

A Woops! Christmas Special

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Well, Christmas is already here and I do get a handle of gifts this year like a gift card for DVD rentals, a modem that I’m not sure will work and good handle of cash to get my goodies. So I’m trying to find a christmas stuff but nothing here and there. Instead, I went to my stash of bootleg goodies and I could review something like Tales From the Crypt’s Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas album or Max Headroom’s Giant Christmas Turkey special but I should review something very, very bad. And here’s what is considered one of the worse sitcoms in existence.

Invented by the minds that brought us Blossom, This show… somehow exists. I don’t know how this gets its airings and why it exists. Despite it being known as one of the worst sitcoms, I wouldn’t call it that “worst sitcom” really. It does have very little jokes, it’s sort-of creative and it has okay cast members like Cleavant Derricks (I already acknowledged that I’m a Sliders fan so moving on), That chick from Groundhog Day and even Charlie Runkle from Californication… With Hair!!!

But before I’ll get to the christmas episode known as Say It Ain’t So Santa, Let me give you how the world ends by showing the first couple of minutes of the pilot episode…

You got that? A single nuclear bomb has destroyed nearly the whole world and wiped the ruins out (which makes me wonder if the staff has ever checked out info on Hiroshima or watched The Day After), A school teacher has somehow survived with a Volvo and the only farm in existence which raises a question on how it survived intact (and the same goes for the Volvo). This is the kind of plot details that makes that scene from Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull look like it’s scientifically accurate.

No time to waste, I’m getting straight through the episode. As Christmas is approaching, The girls are making preparations indoors while the guys come in with a burned tree. About to start the fire, Mark (Evan Handler) decide to start the fireplace but then discovered another survivor is there and you know who it is since it’s an episode set direct to the holiday season. Santa escapes the chimney (which he’s being stuck in since before Thanksgiving) and the group tries to check if he’s the real deal.

Jack Connors (Fred Applegate) explained that the reindeers ditched the man with the white beard and the group continues to check. After few explanations, The guys believed that’s Kris Kringle and well… Santa brings the group down a bit and decides to get drunk on cups of Eggnog, being annoyed and revealed his hidden shame – He’s responsible for the death of his wife and bunch of elves because he forgot to lock the bomb shelter. Jack then went childish and is a non-believer on christmas.

While Jack is still angry, Santa Claus decides to change his name to “Clem” and tries to do chores but his chores has led to bad Christmas humor. Since it doesn’t help, “Clem” decides to leave but doesn’t know how to open the door and Jack decides to believe in the man in the red suit. All is forgiven and Santa (no longer called “Clem”) prepares to search for other survivors while the reindeers returned. On Christmas Day, The tree miraculously became like the one in our living and everybody but Alice McConnell (Meagen Fey) got christmas gifts. And if you’re wondering why Alice don’t get gifts, She’s the only jewish person on earth so the show ends like that.

Again, This show exists and this episode surprisingly got aired. I don’t know why they think this is funny because there is one or two jokes but all in all, this episode is about Santa fallen into depression and has little shadows to reveal to the other survivors. I don’t find that funny and I could simply say this is a bad Christmas episode, It’s not worst since I’ve seen Star Wars Holiday Special and that Nanny episode but it’s bad… and I haven’t even told you about 7-and-½ episodes yet. Why I say half on that? Because one of the episodes I’ve got is missing the first. But I hope this review doesn’t get you down like the man himself so I wish you all merry Christmas.

Sliders – The Alternateville Horror

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Seeing as it’s nearly Halloween, I’ve decide to being a short series of themed reviews dedicated to the spooky holiday and the first one in the list involves one of my favorite series that is Sliders. And seeing as there’s more than one Sliders episodes that involves the paranormal themes like The Dream Masters, Tommy Chong The Vampire Hunter and Diet-Addicted Zombies. Yeah, Season 3 is a weird time for those stories so I’ll skip it to the next season where the story may be weirder but it doesn’t paid homage to movies… possibly except the episode I’m reviewing right now.

The Alternateville Horror (and that really is the name of this episode) is indeed what you expect but it takes place on the fortress of solitude for Sliders that is The Chandler Hotel. For Non-Sliders fanatics, This hotel is kinda a major base for Sliders characters for the fourth and fifth season. Although, It was originally Hotel 12 for the first two seasons before it became The Chancellor Hotel for the third which results into a lawsuit by the hotel of the same name. And also…

No time to waste so let’s get started, The episode begins with Quinn, his brother Colin, Rembrandt and Maggie Beckett enjoying their time talking about two drag queens dancing (I’m not kidding about that) before the clouds are covering out and causes acid rain in Los Angeles. And what’s weird is that Quinn had declared this world as “Acid Rain World” even though there is such existence of Acid Rain in our own universe.

So the four went to the hotel and are greeted by Mary (Elyse Mirto) who’s the hotel manager in this universe (and this universe only). While she explains why the four went out without protection against Acid Rain, Colin then used the immortal catchphrase that is “We’re From Canada” and this line is overused throughout the majority of the fourth season. And Then, Other hotel guests are suddenly running out because they preferred to suffer the acid raindrops instead of spending another hour in the hotel and the four still want a vacancy anyway!!!

After the teaser, Quinn and the others explained what happened with the other hotel guests but Mary never answered and got back to her duties. Quinn, Rembrandt and Maggie decide to go to the hotel bar but Colin wanna check out the telly which has Rembrandt telling Colin to check out The Spice Channel and it then has Colin looking at some movie about a Pizza Boy which might be pornographic (even though this is shown off-screen)… Okay, Is there such channel called The Spice Channel or something similar that I didn’t know existed?

Okay, Must be a product placement moment. Colin then changed the channel and we cut to the three in the hotel bar explaining if it’s a good idea to continue sliding. Mary appears and they all asked for the draft while she expains about why the weather is different on her world. And then she gives them a blue-colored beer… Okay, Nothing wrong with that. Then the real story begins as Colin watches Frankenstein but the telly has been turned off twice which is the working of a ghost kid which Colin then decides to follow. Well, Colin is a bit new at multiversal travel and he knows a little about the ghost stories and such.

Colin went to the bar and explained the deal along with him watching the movie. We then meet another guest who is… Darkman!!! With the acid rain happening, Do we now need people dressing up as superheroes? Back in the hotel room and Quinn and his brother continued explaining the recent happening which Quinn suddenly acts a bit comedic and out-of-character because he’s a non-believer in ghosts. Yeah, It’s not like he appeared in one episode as a ghost figure himself and encountering some psychic in a parallel… Oh Wait?

Maggie and Rembrandt then have their own encounters with the spirits which has Rembrandt seeing an invisible being writing things on the mirror while Maggie saw herself’s head in the ice freezer. We then cut to the point-of-view shot a ghost taking the group’s timer while the group walked away which has Darkman picking up the ice in the floor.

The group discovered the timer has been taken and decide to search where it is. The other three then meets Darkman which he is now not wearing the suit and went to his room full of electronics that is big enough to fit his own suitcase… Okay, How does he get the stuff in there? He revealed his name as John Smith (Lance Wilson-White) and it is actually his real name rather than the alias. Colin then did something to an artifact that somehow amazed John Smith.

Maggie searches the timer alone which leaves her being stuck in the basement, Quinn and Mary checked some rooms for the device and Rembrandt and Colin went outside the room where the child ghost went in. Rembrandt decides to go check the keys which Colin then sees the child ghost again and are being secretly watched by Darkman. Surprisingly, The keys to Room 315 is at the door and Colin went in to see some red lightning with the room. Darkman then goes in and runs out scared. And then, Colin became a ghost himself and now communicate with the ghost.

The ghost’s name is revealed to be Matthew (Colton James) and nothing much happens so let’s see what the others are up to. Rembrandt then meets Maggie and went out the basement. They meet up with Quinn and Mary which the group interrogate the manager. She then explains that the hotel is haunted (which has a better explanation in a second) and has been for five years. Mary also explained that her son Matthew disappeared and that’s why she stayed as the manager of the hotel which leads them to Room 315 and it’s actually a red vortex.

Maggie discovered Darkman’s thingy and went to his room which he explains that he’s looking for ghosts plus he himself theorizes that it involves alternate realities. Quinn then amplifies the quantum signal from the vortex and I’ve shit you not but this scene below is when we get from a haunted story to the WTF approach.

Rembrandt from this universe (or alternate reality, it doesn’t really matter) explained that he’s a scientist working on a anti-gravity machine that accidentally causes the Red Vortex to remained opened for years and so on. I’m gonna pause this episode for a second and explained this part, This is the dumbest counterparts of Sliders characters I’ve ever seen.

I’m not saying it’s bad but it’s dumb enough. It has Rembrandt as a scientist which I’ve already mentioned the Woops! part earlier. Quinn Mallory is somehow a mentally handicapped british rock star (!!) and Maggie Beckett is an exotic dancer… okay, I can’t complained about that one.

Back to the episode and Quinn’s double is acting very bad that it must be seen to believed. The quantum frequency is malfunctioned and Colin shouted Frankenstein which had them disappeared. Quinn then explained the vortex is unstable enough that it’s soon gonna be closed. He then found the idea thanks to Colin and decides to be heroic enough to save his brother and the others. The vortex is suddenly in the hotel’s dining room and Darkman tries to stop them… Then by a chance of coincidence, An electric storm hits the pole which has the cords attached to the device and knocks him out.

Quinn then went in the vortex and opens a portal which leaves the doubles to presumably returned to their universe (or this one, it still doesn’t matter) and the Red Vortex has closed but Quinn, Colin and Matthew survived, Darkman has the vortex data that might make him get the Nobel Prize (assuming it exists in this universe) and The Acid Rain is finishing up.

So there’s the episode and other than the doubles and Jerry O’Connell’s acting, The episode is okay and watchable and there is couple parts that’s never explained. If you wanna watch an episode of Sliders for this Halloween season, This could be worth checking out but it’s better to check out Into The Mystic, Gillian of the Spirits or The Dream Masters (which that one actually aired in October). So until then, I’ll back with something cool.

1984 MTV Video Music Awards: A 2011 Review

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In the late 1940s, George Orwell wrote a novel known as The Last Man In Europe but due to the fact that Ferderic Warburg wanted a title change. The novel instead became one of the known dystopian fiction which is adapted into a couple of theatrical adaptations and change the look of a dark future. The novel is now known as Nineteen-Eighty Four. But why am I talking about Orwell’s classic in a review about a MTV Video Music Awards which is released in 1984? No Reason, I’m just wasting a paragraph.

Indeed that Times did change when I could compare the very first annual VMAs to a recent one because seeing as MTV is no longer a musical channel and more of a home channel for Jackass, My Super Sweet 16 and… Jersey Shore!!! I’ve decided to say “Fuck That” and take a nostalgic look at the very first MTV Video Music Awards and with commercials aired on the year of my birth. So who’s the host that started it all?

Well, I can take the fact that Dan is the host because of his fame on Ghostbusters but Bette Midler? Academy Awards would be a place for her, The Tony Awards would be up her alley but her in MTV Video Music Awards??? Sure, She’s a singing artist but not the best one in my opinion. I’m wasting another paragraph so I’m moving on to what happened on the show.

Other than Madonna’s Like A Virgin performance, The show is fairly okay to say the least. It has Roger Daltrey smashing a guitar because he said that he always wanted to do that, David Bowie performing Blue Jean in London, Eddie Murphy throwing a Thank You for no reason and Bette Midler being fucking unfunny. To be fair, Her jokes may indeed be funny back in 1984 but it’s totally humorless like her 1990s sitcom.

Also, The award is notable for being one of the shows where Michael Jackson gained his Moonmen awards even though he didn’t attend to the show but we did get Herbie Hancock getting his trophies. As for the commercials, There’s adverts by MTV themselves and there are adverts from their sponsors like Pepsi (which surprisingly has Michael Jackson in one of them) but how does this almost-forgotten commercial that resembles a music video not be nominated?

It is kinda catchy, It’s filmed on what some have presumed to be a Cocaine Factory, The choreograph is surprising and it features Finola Hughes of Staying Alive and Generation X fame singing… I’ll vote for that because it’s the most funniest thing I’ve seen during the Eighties. Yeah, I’ll vote for this track over Cyndi Lauper, Eurythmics, Herbie Hancock and even Michael Jackson’s Thriller which is also a classic. This VMA is a hit-and-miss but does give a nostalgic look to how the show started. There are some moments and you could find them on YouTube but it’s best to watch those over a the full experience and it does have interesting commercials like one that I’ve just shown you. Hmm, I can’t wait to see the later MTV VMAs but I hope it doesn’t have this…

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