Lost In Translation

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Closing up this Pride Month and with something that is harder than the other three. Now given that we have movies about Non-Binary and Intersex and the fact that I went off-tangent by discussing Polyamory, would it be surprised to everybody that there is almost no movies about Asexuality? And before anybody ask, yes there are shows and movies that has a character identified as ace and there is a documentary called (A)sexuality but I’m going to the point on a movie primary focus on somebody who has little to no sexual or romantic attraction to somebody else… and intentionally of course so I have to dig down a movie that’s a suitable prototype to a LGBT+ movie sub-genre that will exist someday and I’ve been pointed by to many posts and anybody that said this is an example… The example being Sofia Coppola’s Lost In Translation!

Yeah, Lost In Translation. A movie starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. Outside of looking examples like Amélie, Withnail & I and even Gregg Araki’s Mysterious Skin which I would have looked this month but one movie by him is enough. And even there are points that even Sherlock Holmes himself is ace so anything with him could reviewable for this month. Going back to Sofia Coppola and she is a well-known director, I don’t think there’s much to say about her that has already been said even if it’s her in The Godfather Part III where many people said is one of the worst acting performances in a major picture. So how do I start with this movie exactly?

Moving on from the shot that has many people talking back then, the movie takes place in Tokyo with actor Bob Harris (Bill Murray) who arrives her to film a commercial for whisky. And yeah, it’s a thing with actors going to Japan or related countries to do commercials so look up ones with Nicolas Cage, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even George Lucas on YouTube. At the same time, he became tired of his marriage back home and is unsure about his life. He became bored when he sees two businessman noticing him in the bar.

Meanwhile in the same hotel, we meet up with Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) is also unsure about herself even with her husband and celebrity photographer John (Giovanni Ribisi). Both Bob and Charlotte eventually meet up and kindle their friendship while having adventures in Tokyo by having party gatherings, doing karaoke and even gone to a nearby strip club. Their friendship however became different from they experience before and have kind of conversations they didn’t speak before.

So after all that, their friendship then hit a bit rough spot when Bob meets up a jazz singer and unexpectedly slept with her. However, they reconcile and on the day before Bob goes back home. And before they say their goodbyes, they rekindle one more time with a hug, a whisper and people in the streets. This movie is a unique love story where it focuses on two people having their own married lives but has no sexual and romantic feelings and it’s only their meeting that they felt platonic in a way. It is perfectly told, visualizing and with a good dream pop soundtrack to boot.

Whether it’s intentional or not, this movie is a good example of asexuality and it shows Bill Murray in a light you don’t see in comedies and Wes Anderson movies. And Scarlett gave her all and she’s been doing that since Ghost World so she deserves recognition. Okay, I am done for now and will return shortly with other stuff as long as there’s no delays and other stuff so hope you have a good Pride Month as usual no matter what your gender and sexuality is and I’ll see you later.



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Well, I’m reviewing another movie by Gregg Araki and I mention the movie last year but before anybody points out the fact that he makes movies that catered to gay, lesbian and bisexual crowd which I’m part of or the fact that Splendor is considered a bisexual movie (which I disagree on reasons why shortly), I probably point out something I didn’t discuss on Nowhere review but I gonna bring up an interesting terminology that is seen in notable parts of Greg’s movies and that is called Polyamory and whether or not is part of LGBT+ community.

I didn’t discuss this much in Nowhere since Mel is identified as Polyamorous and was focusing more on bisexuality and weird storyline points at that time. And it is notable in films like Totally Fucked Up and The Doom Generation. Okay, I get this is kind of tangent point to me discussing other forms of sexuality in LGBT+ community in media. But this is considered a part of the movie since the director is himself bisexual and there’s various talks on whether Polyamory is part of LGBT+ or not. I’ll probably get back to discussing this but first the movie.

Taking place in Los Angeles, the movie is told through the point of view of struggling actress Veronica (Kathleen Robertson) who falls for two guys at the same time. The first is writer Abel, played by future Jonah Hex himself, Johnathon Schaech and the second is drummer Zed, played by Matt Keeslar who’s basically “That Guy” in movies like Scream 3 and Art School Confidential. At first, she tries to keep secretive from both of them but then she reveals it and as long as Abel and Zed don’t meet, they go with the flow on their relationships. However, they met later on and Veronica is really caught in the middle of all this.

Both Abel and Zed decide to remain on relationship with Veronica while Zed got fired from the job & kicked out of his place that got Abel angry about him moving to her place so Zed moves in as well. And then Veronica got her TV movie break and with a director Ernest (Eric Mabius) who caught her with his fake bright blue eyes (I say that it’s actually contact lenses). Oh, and Veronica got pregnant shortly after the filming is done which makes her leave two and have a bit of romantic adventures with Ernest before he popped the wedding question. Distraught, Veronica tries to think if she wants to go through with the wedding or go back to the two lovebirds and as both Abel and Zed heard about her getting married, they attempt to stop the wedding and it was so much a success that the movie ends with them looking at her twin babies and with Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order playing in the credits.

Now the first thing I want to discuss is why I disagree with Splendor being a Bisexual movie. Well, there is almost a Bisexual moment in the movie. There’s a scene where Veronica dares Zed to kiss Abel before they got into their first threesome but Veronica then brought up in a later scene that Zed and Abel never have sex with each other while doing it with Veronica so Zed and Abel might not be bisexual.

Then again, I could be wrong because I’m only discussing what’s on and heard on this movie. Maybe Zed and Abel became their own lovers after the movie or maybe not but I still don’t see this as Bisexual-related since nothing much happens to them. And I’m going by Wikipedia standards which by the way, the movie is classified in category as Lesbian-related movie and it is possible since Veronica’s friend Mike (Kelly MacDonald) might or might not be a Lesbian given that she wants to meet a female singer earlier in the movie but it’s not much discussed after that. Heck, her sexuality is not discussed overall since she is in the movie only as a best friend character and nothing more.

And the second and last thing is this simple question I mention earlier – Is Polyamory part of LGBT+ community? In truth, it’s an ongoing question since while Polysexuality is considered part of it, it’s different to Polyamory and some say it’s not because it involves multiple relationships with opposite sex but others say it is since it involves multiple relations with same-sex and more as well. It is really hard to discuss and it goes to the point on why I’m looking high and low for what movie classified as a LGBT+ movie even with the plus inclusion. The next movie is also that which is a whole different discussion but the matter of fact is this, should we ask similar questions?

I mean, there are explanations on why bisexuality is not part of LGBT+ (there’s “B” that stands for something btw) or explanations on Pansexuality, Asexuality, Intersex and so on. There are Reddits and other pages on each sexuality and gender. And Splendor is not the only movie about Polyamory. Unlike XXY and Genderfreak, there’s many movies about it that’s relatively easy to find like Threesome, Marston And The Wonder Woman, Henry and June and even Three’s Company television series which the movie referenced on. As for my own answer to this, not only am I am inclusive but I am seeing myself as a Polyamorous person. So do me saying that means a yes or no to this question? If I say yes, then Monogamous would be considered that as well and we’ll have more arguments that’ll never end.

So really, my answer is that I’m Queer and even if I say that I’m Polyamorous, I’m not the guy to honestly answer because the answer is somewhere out there. I’m also a guy reviewing stuff so Splendor is indeed an interesting movie. It is rough at times but the roughness is due to Gregg’s kinetic directing style. It’s also strangely safer than his previous movies. Yes, there’s implied nudity, bit of foul language and the subject is indeed Adult-oriented but comparing this to The Doom Generation, it is a different movie and possibly a vanity project for Kathleen Robertson who was his girlfriend at the time. The acting does have a bit of cheese but I don’t know, I do like how Johnathon went from being child-like when it comes to his affection to Kathleen to playing a bad-ass in one DC television series. I recommend it for the acting, the storytelling and even the soundtrack which includes few Britpop faves like Blur and Hurricane #1.

Ooh, this is probably an interesting movie to review and I’m near to the end which itself is more interesting but the next movie has a different question I gonna ask and after all the questions, it’s a really, really tough one so come back in a couple of days for this.


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This is probably gonna be the most easy review because it’s a short film I’m reviewing today. Then again, it might be hard review to do since like XXY, it’s part of LGBT+ spectrum that is talked about but not in a greater scale. This one focuses on Genderqueer which is also known by many as non-binary and I found that looks like something worth reviewing.


And the short film I’m looking at is Genderfreak which is one of the very few movies I come across that focus on somebody who’s a non-binary. Directed by Rebecca Louisell who’s filmography so far consists on short movies and a television show. Okay, not big name obviously she also made Synching last year which is about a slacker who met two versions of himself when he traveled to alternate realities. I’m a sucker for alternate reality fiction so might look into it after this movie.


We meet up with Rachel (Halle Charlton) who is living her high school life while performing rock with her friends and tries to ask Peter (Kyle Dietz) for a date. Her life is about to get complicated when new student Sammy (Lauryn Whitney) comes in and tries to be friends to anybody despite Sammy being a non-binary student. Rachel tries to avoid Sammy with every turn but fails when Sammy audition to be in the band.


Rachel then finally asks Peter out but Peter questions if she’s a lesbian since she is friends with a lesbian couple and she is mixed by her response. Later on, Peter plays Basketball with Sammy but viciously to the point that Sammy shows what a foul looks like before Peter shouts homophobic remark in front of everybody leading Rachel to find Sammy and skip fourth period together. Rachel then asked Sammy out and the movie ends with her, Sammy and the band performing with their band name being Genderfreak.

Movie Title

I am glad to look into this because like XXY, it shows what it’s like to live as queer person but in this case a non-binary person this time around and outside of few LGBTphobic remarks, it does show a more positive note than the last movie I discussed. And in the age of Love, Simon and Alex Strangelove, it is a surprise movie to watch as well. While it mainly focuses on Rachel, it does show something different being that she accepts LGBT+ before meeting with Sammy and learning to become one in a way she didn’t know she became part of it before.

Mulholland Drive

It is worth tracking down and currently available in Amazon so pay a few bucks and spend 18 minutes of this, you won’t regret it. And now as I look into two movies, there’s two that is gonna be more complicated to talk about. I won’t discuss which but suffice to say, I have seen these two movies before and to give a hint to one of them – one of the movies is well-known but it shows a subject that I think many have missed so until then.



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PRE-REVIEW NOTE: Due to my overly lateness, I’ve been busy with my social life for a while and have personal dealings as well. I’m still keeping the site and LGBT+ Pride Month theme will be scheduled as good as possible but after it is a honest-to-god good question. Suffice to say, 2018 is another of those years to do reviews with complicated timing.

It’s June and again, it’s LGBT+ Pride Month and this time, I gonna do something probably different. Given that I mention the plus of the community, I’m somewhat puzzled on why I didn’t look upon anything that involves the plus portion of the community. And really, I’m queer and very inclusive so for this year around, I’m looking at anything else in the sexual spectrum starting with intersex gender and while it’s true that I have reviewed one which is Predestination, I reviewed that because I’m a fan of time travel and didn’t much gloss into intersexuality aspect so thought I should look into a movie that focuses on intersexuality.


And we have XXY, a Spanish movie that’s directed by Lucía Puenzo who has interests in silent movies… and Nazism! Um, it’s not what you think so don’t expect her to be like Lars Von Trier or Milo Yiannopoulos… I hope! But anyway, she started writing screenplays for Historias cotidianas and The Whore And The Whale before getting her directorial start with Los invisibles. Other than directing, she’s also a novelist and some of her films are based on her novel works.

The German Doctor

The main character in the movie is Alex Kraken (Inés Efron), a teenager who is living as a female while taking meds to not transition her looks and likeness into a male as aided by her parents but for the past couple of weeks, she stopped taking the drugs all while she and her parents question if she’ll take a sex reassignment surgery to make her remain female. Her mother Suli (Valeria Bertuccelli) involves her friends to stay with them including their son Álvaro (Martín Piroyansky) whom Alex has fallen for.

First Meeting

However, As Alex and her family recently moved to Uruguay from Argentina in order to not get involved in discrimination. Alex’s intersex gender gets found out by her former friend Vando (Luciano Martín Nóbile) and her life is put in a bit of crisis with her attraction to Álvaro having its confusion to Vando’s friends tries to sexually assault her in the beach but Vando appears stopping it from happening to even question if she wants to take the surgery.


Álvaro’s parents decide to go back while Álvaro tries to beg his love to Alex even after discovering she’s an intersex person. The movie ends with Álvaro and his family driving away and Alex being back with her family with her father accepting her decisions. The movie is indeed something to watch which does show the rawness and realistic feel on what he or she is like to live as a intersex person even during the teenage years.


And movies involving intersexuality is almost impossible to come by since there have been movies that took a look at it like 1970’s Tintomaro or 2005’s Both which is directed by Lisset Barcellos who herself is a intersex person. And it’s not just with movies, television has examples on intersexuality including Freaks And Geeks where Ken Miller (Seth Rogen) falls for Amy (Jessica Campbell) who he later finds out she’s intersex and is okay with the outcome.

Freaks And Geeks

Despite that, I do wish there’s more movies and television medium that focuses on intersexuality but then again, I also pretty much say the same thing for subjects to the next three movies I’ll look at this month. Now is this movie worth looking at? Definitely because it shows what life is like for somebody who’s intersex and the outcomes of it whether it’s positive or negative. It’s also a honest subject piece and it may be about Alex but it’s also about her family, her love interest and the setting itself. I do recommend it and am glad to look upon this so until next time, I am back and hopefully without any delays.

A Deadly Adoption

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Hey, anybody wanna know about Rachel Lee Goldenberg because honestly, her story is an interesting case. Years ago, I reviewed The Asylum’s take on Sherlock Holmes which includes Holmes and Watson fighting against robotic dinosaurs. It’s a weird sense of steampunk but then again, Sherlock Holmes and technology in 19th century is a common mixture if you research it long enough. Outside of this movie, Rachel has made few Asylum fares like Sunday School Musical and Princess and the Pony but she then started to branch out to movies made by different companies. The movie I’m looking at today is one good example.

Yeah, A Deadly Adoption. A Lifetime thriller that stars Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig which is out of the ordinary for them but hey, it’s now a movie that somehow exists. And this movie got a minor notice enough that Rachel went on to direct an episode of The Mindy Project, couple of episodes of Man Seeking Woman and the almost-upcoming remake of Valley Girl. I say “almost-upcoming” because it nearly aired but got taken off in this time of writing for behind-the-scenes reasons which I’m assuming is that because it stars Logan Paul as the character previously played by Nic Cage. Probably the worst casting call I ever heard to date so whoever thought of this didn’t think it through.

So anyway, on to the movie and it focuses on best-selling author Robert Benson (Will Ferrell) who discovers his pregnant wife Sarah has tripped and fallen to the river so he must hurry and save her. He did but let’s just say their second child didn’t make it and the accident became part of Robert’s post-traumatic memory. Years later and the couple along with their daughter Sully (Alyvia Aly Lind) are almost living a good life but they’re in need of an adoption so they taking in Bridgette (Jessica Lowndes) who is carrying a baby that she’ll give up for adoption.

The idea didn’t work exactly as planned as it’s later revealed that Bridgette is faking her pregnancy and is planning to have Robert fall for her again since she previously met him few years ago when he’s on his period of getting drunk. Their previously meet also results into them having sex which somewhat blocks Robert’s memory until he found a copy of his book in her stuff that contains a signed description. Bridgette and her boyfriend Dwayne (Jake Weary) then kidnaps Sully and shoots Robert and Sarah’s friend Charlie (Bryan Safi) who is tracking them. Bridgette goes a bit nuts by going to the couple’s home with Sarah being unconscious in the garage in fumes and Robert being shot.

As Bridgette got away, Robert survives and saves Sarah again before he goes after Bridgette and Dwayne and save his daughter. As he got his daughter and Dwayne got arrested after being shot by Bridgette, Bridgette herself is still going nuts and Robert facing his fear by him and Sully jumping off the bridge and landed in the water. As Bridgette is close to shooting them, Sarah appears and shoots them. The movie then ends with the three alive and well and dancing while forgetting the past troubles.

This movie is strange. It’s good for a Lifetime thriller but with Will and Kristen acting all serious without a comedic moment is the surreal part of the movie. They’re good but at least it’s a better performance from them than Zoolander No. 2. The other fare okay even with Z Nation‘s Kellita Smith having a bit role as a police officer. The story is in the same likeness as Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? which by the way, I do have to see a quote-unquote remake that involves vampires which I think it’s more weirder than this s who knows. Best check it out for curiosity’s sake and nothing more.


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Hey, remember when I reviewed a movie where Jeff Fahey plays a sketch artist who helps a early fame Courtney Cox on a crime case even though she’s blind? Well, how about I should look at a movie where Jeff is not a sketch artist but he’s a ex-cop involved in a situation… that, and he’s temporarily blind! Believe it or not, this is not the only movie I’m reviewing this month that has a loose connection with The Sketch Artist II so do wait next week for another James Tolkien appearance. I’m kidding but hey, when you get a title like Blindsided, do you expect to be about something else?

Blindsided is directed by Thomas Michael Donnelly who does nothing much really. Yeah, it’s a bit anticlimactic. He did direct movies like Quicksilver starring Kevin Bacon and wrote stuff as well so that’s pretty much it. I think I more to talk about the director of next week’s movie than this one so what else do I say really? Not much but it gives a quick check before we get to the movie so let’s roll.

After stealing cash from an operation, Former police officer Frank McKenna (Jeff Fahey) and his friend Lee (Brad Hunt) attempt to complete their plan but Frank got shot in the back of his neck which although he survived, he became temporarily blinded. Staying at Mexico to get his sight back through operation, he met a mysterious lady known simply as Chandler Strange (Mia Sara) and they fall for each other before she went away leaving Frank to wonder what happen to her.

They eventually get to see each other again but their love is caught in a web of deception, murder and lies as she is revealed to be a lover of Jessy Aruna (Rudy Ramos) who was in charge of money laundering operation that Frank and Lee were involved in. And Frank now has to give almost all the money back to Jessy while hoping to achieve love with Chandler or let go of her after he discovered her secrets.

Now this movie is pretty good and has a noir kind of feel but admittedly, it felt like I’m also watching a 1990s Erotic Thriller that’s tone down to PG-13 viewing and really, it shows. The movie has sex but it’s not that graphic and violence that is painfully little violent. It makes sense since this is made for television but if you make this movie in the same timeframe as Basic Instinct and Sliver but not have the risky feel, there’s a bit of problem there.

Obviously Jeff is fine and the same goes for Mia Sara as a femme fatale which I have to wonder why I don’t see much of her beyond Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The only other person good in this movie is the late, great Ben Gazzara as Frank’s former police partner and friend who helps Frank out even in troubled times. The movie is only worth checking out for the story and their acting alone. Nothing much beyond that really.

Best Of 2017

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Getting to the good stuff and while I did say 2017 is not a bad year for me, 2018 may have started but it’s off to a bad start which I won’t get to since it’s personal but I’m trying to give it and make the show go on so no need to waste time and see what I like in the previous twelve months.


The Disaster Artist – You guys are familiar with Tommy Wiseau already plus I already reviewed the first season of his sitcom The Neighbors which reminds me “when is the second season gonna finally come out?” but getting back to it, this movie is indeed top of my list and I read the novel itself (even hear the audiobook which is also worth checking out) so you can see that I wanna watch the movie and while it is condensed, it is an enjoyable adaptation that James Franco has brought us and probably the best movie he has done so far which if you look at his previous directed works, you can see what I mean (and I have seen two movies to know that) plus he pulled it off as Tommy himself. This is the kind of tour de force that I laugh at all the way through and it is worth checking out even if you never read the novel or seen The Room.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – This is quite possibly the most unexpected sequel in this new trilogy and that is saying much. It has caused a major divide to the fanbase old and new with Rian Johnson giving his direction in a surprise deconstructed-like way and shows how he can handle the torch-passing touch with this being more about Finn, Poe and Rey instead of Luke, Han and Leia. Some say it may be better than The Empire Strikes Back but I just see it as its own movie and others say it’s the worst movie in the franchise… Really? I don’t know but we are living in an age where any franchise takes a beating in most unexpected ways. I like this movie and I give Rian an applause for what he has done with this.

Justice League – Um, yeah? Speaking of “franchise takes a beating” and that it causes a major divide to the fanbase, here’s a movie I’ll be reviewing in months time. I won’t talk much about it yet but while I do notice the differences between Snyder and Whedon in terms of shooting scenes and James Cavill’s freaky CGI lips, it is at least a good consistent movie that unites the heroes in their effort against evil. Again, I won’t talk much about it but there’s good and bad points I will get to so I can’t wait to review this.

Thor: Ragnarok –  Ever wanted to see Thor having a Flash Gordon-like adventure with Loki and Hulk? Well, this movie is for you. It diverges not only from the comic storyline of the same name but from the two previous Thor movies meaning this is Hemsworth, Middleston and Ruffalo not giving a fuck about how the movie went and decide to go with it. This movie is colorful, humorous and a total tone change from the source material so if you’re thinking “no, not another Thor movie with Kat Dennings ruining the mood?”, don’t worry because she’s not in it.

Split – I never thought to put a M. Night Shyamalan movie on the list but here it is apparently and it’s James McAvoy giving his all playing a guy with multiple personalities that seems not in human nature. Well it is by Shyamalan so what do you expect? It also sets good creepy tone and few surprises including a bit shoehorned moment near the end with a connection to Shyamalan’s previous movie but as much as it is shoehorned, McAvoy will return to this role(s) in the next movie and it’s a good effort from Blumhouse which is a company I generally avoid before this.

Television Series

Twin Peaks – Oh, how this is a revival series that is indeed worth the wait? David Lynch has returned to the town that gave us good coffee, cherry pie and lines like “wrapped in plastic” but took it to eleven with new additions in the cast like Robert Forster and Amanda Seyfried, unexpected turning events and the eighth episode that is the most Lynchian thing David has ever done. Also, I can see David literally trolling the audience with these episodes even if he gives a ambiguous feel. The thing about this is why did it fall to few lists of worst shows last year? I find that odd but I think the opposite and it’s a journey worth taking and getting lost into. Oh, and got A light?

Mr Robot – This is a show I didn’t give much credit in here mainly because the first season is good but almost seems like a Fight Club clone and the second tries to distant from that, the third however is epic with the second stage being revealed and cause a tension whether it’s Elliott, Darlene, Angela and Mr Robot himself with twists and turns that keeps the stories rolling. Not only that but Bobby Cannavale surprisingly steals the show as Irving and I hope to see more of him the next season of this hacking thriller.

The Punisher – Probably the only Marvel show that did the character more justice than his previous incarnations played by Dolph Lundgren and Thomas Jane, this is the show that shows why The Punisher should be like this and with an interesting supporting cast and engaging storylines. Jon Bernthal became sold as the character even though I thought he wasn’t given that I’ve seen him previous in The Walking Dead and his backstory is more contemporary and worth it in a world that is about to have its Infinity War which something tells me that he and the cast of other Marvel Netflix shows might not participate in. I don’t know, I think of those as its own thing.

Happy! – I nearly forgot to put this one on the list mainly because this show came out last month and well, you can expand a Grant Morrison-written mini-series into a mindfuck of a show with Christopher Meloni not giving a fuck if he plays a hated detective being partnered up with an imaginary flying unicorn voiced by Patton Oswalt. It shows dark comedy, chaotic action and strange moments (like a out-of-nowhere cameo from Jerry Springer of all people) that only Brian Taylor of Crank fame can deliver and it shows that it’s not made as a cash-in to the success of other television series based on comics like Preacher so Detective Stabler, go act crazy on us.

Stranger Things – A show that I used I put in 2016 list but didn’t. Uh, no worries. I’m catching up to it and with the second season that proves to up the ante with new additions to the cast like Sean Astin and Paul Reiser, twists and turns like Steve Harrington becoming the hero of the piece and more nostalgic feeling with Ghostbusters and Duran Duran. It also capture the same essence that a sequel can be as good as the first especially when it involves the eighties. I only hope this season is not the show at its peak and the next being good as well so fingers crossed on this one.

American Gods – Oh, how am I gonna be sad about this show with the second season not having Bryan Fuller and Michael Green as showrunners. I generally like his take on Neil Gaiman’s novel that is expanded in greater detail. While Ian McShane deserves the praise as the mysterious Mr Wednesday, the show did have stealing moments from Gillian Anderson and Crispin Glover along with few other stars in between. It’s even a show so good that Dane Cook even has moments. I didn’t expect to write something like that. I don’t know if this show will sustain the same power with Fuller and Green being kind of involved but if not, it is good while it lasted I guess.


“Humble” by Kendrick Lamar – Kendrick kind of has a habit of making music that came out of nowhere and it’s a good thing since when he hits the mainstream with Swimming Pools (Drank), we expect something different. A few albums and singles later, he gave us DAMN. which proves there is still good to hip-hop genre that doesn’t involve selling out and dumbing down like Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Busta Rhymes went to and this song is definition of it. There’s not much else to say but well, damn indeed.

“The Sky Is A Neighborhood” by Foo Fighters – How many times have I put Foo Fighters on the list? I don’t know but I’m not gonna check. Moving on and while Run is them coming back and show they are not “daddy rock” band they are accused out to be, this song however shows the band’s evolution in these troubling times. With the video of them in the rooftop playing with their Village of the Damned-esque eyes and the hook that’s surprisingly different, this song has its place in alternative rock that Imagine Dragons will never have (yeah, I don’t know why Imagine Dragons suck now and more than ever).


Heavy Black Heart by death’s dynamic shroud – This feels like I’m repeating what I like in 2016 to what I like in 2017 as well as dds (formerly dds.wmv) felt like that sign. However, this album has James Webster, Tech Honors and Keith Rankin working together for the first time and bring a legitimate follow-up to I’ll Try Living Like This by adding vaporwave touches with glitches and samples involved including one from Lana Del Rey that caught my ear the first second her voice appears. If there release another one this coming year, I don’t know if I’ll play it on Best of 2018 list but anything is possible.

Add Violence by Nine Inch Nails – Continuing the trilogy that started with Not The Actual Events and how it continues is a soundscape of unexpectecy with Less Than giving a future synth feel that I think I only heard once in a Starfuckers, Inc. remix to The Background World that ended on broken record note with audio compression that has nightmare fuel recorded over it. Again, it felt like a repeat to 2017 and the trilogy is due to complete within this year so Trent Reznor has yet to run out of ideas.


Dark Knights: Metal – I thought this is gonna be a weak DC crossover in a similar way they did with Convergence which the story is basically Batman and Justice League fought an evil team of alternate Batmans from the dark multiverse but I thought wrong. It felt more like I read an actual crossover that harkens back to the 1990s but done properly with one-shots explaining how this Batman became his own enemy in The Batman Who Laughs or how Bruce Wayne can handle as Green Lantern even right after his parent’s death and it shows differences and a bit of multiversal technobabble. The event is yet to finish up but for now DC has proven me wrong on this which reminds me of the next one.

Doomsday Clock – Back when DC decides to throw a prequel that is Before Watchmen, fans became outraged about touching something that should not be touched and I was honestly one of them. Now, they decide to do it again but continuing from the mystery started with DC Universe: Rebirth with a set of Watchmen characters old and new encountering the heroes of main DCU. I hope Geoff Johns knows what he is doing and I like him since he does bring something up his sleeves in the past that I didn’t expect like the DNA reveal of Superboy in Teen Titans as one example. So Watchmen invades the DCU? I wonder how that’s gonna go.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Mirror Broken – If there’s one thing I didn’t list this year, it’s Star Trek: Discovery and part of the reason is because I am still in question on whether this show is a good idea or not. The second half of the first season is due to come out soon so while I keep an open mind, I should bring up that Mirror Broken is an idea that should not really exists since it takes place shortly before the Mirror Universe events in Deep Space Nine so how is there Imperial Starship led by Picard with twisted versions of his crew? I don’t know but it got me entertained that I want more of this.

That’s my list and I hope I didn’t forget something. Now we’re on to the rocky start of this new year, I guess it’s a usual case of me looking at Jeff Fahey movies next so other than that, let’s hope we have a year where I’m finally done with some looking back to my past reviews, more on Bibleman and maybe more antics from Tommy Wiseau. Oh, and something a movie that involves Sharks that isn’t called Sharknado.

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