Asylum Seeker: Thunderstorm: The Return Of Thor

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Oh boy. Well, given that Thor: Ragnarok came out this month, I thought I am glad that I’m reviewing this because it’s the last Superhero movie made by TomCat Films (or Summer Hill Entertainment since they now acquired those movies) but I’m not glad because it turns out I’m a dumbass by forgetting that there’s also one more movie I didn’t check which is The Black Knight Returns. Uh, what can I say? I might be confusing it with The Black Bat Rises but it’s two different movies so yeah, I am stuck with TomCat Superhero Cinematic Universe for one more movie.

I’ll get to that one sometime next year but for now, let me look at what is possibly the most schlocky, low-budget superhero movie I’ve seen to date. And really, that’s expected since I already seen the other movies but as much as The Amazing Bulk is a work of weird as fuck and few others have their own sense of quality, this one is cheap from start to finish and it’s laughably bad. To obviously know how bad this movie is, it starts with five minutes of opening logos and the slowest opening crawl with a narration that sounds like it’s recorded in the bathroom.

Following the opening crawl that makes the one in Alone In The Dark start normal, the movie then cuts to Asgard looks like it’s located in Aurora Borealis?!? Anyway, Odin (Jurgen Vollrath) and Thor (Brett Kelly) appears as floating heads talking to each other even though they look like they are talking to us the audience. They explained that Ragnarok is coming and it’s caused by a group known Dauoi Raisa/The Death Risers as led by Evan (Jody Haucke) who’s tracking down three amulets to make up that Dragon’s Cross that brings Hel (Gabrielle Mackenzie) to Earth and be less over-the-top than her counterpart in the better Thor movie.

Meanwhile, Grant Farrel (Ray Besharah) and his friend Earl (Randy Kimmett) are working on a government suit that looks a bit like dollar-store version of War Machine suit with horns. Grant himself got struck by lightning by Thor because he is a current descendant of the God of Thunder and decides to take the mantle as the hero. The new Thor (or Thunderstorm which the movie should have been called Thunderstorm: The Offspring Of Thor or something) is trained by Earl with controlling his powers and got noticed by Detective Glenda Bronski (Celine Filion) who she and Grant became a “buddy cop” type duo defeating Hel, The Death Risers and a CGI Dragon that looks like James Nguyen is secretly involved in this.

In terms of superhero origin stories, it’s okay but felt like I’m watching a loose origin of Firestorm at one point and loose origin of Iron Man on the other. Granted, it’s a Thor movie and there is Norse mythology involved. The acting is atrocious but is fine as Hel right down to probably the only character wearing a probable outfit. The action scenes and effects is meh and lastly, the humor felt forced with Grant trying out his own superhero catchphrase but it didn’t work.

My say to this is if you wanna see an obscure bad superhero movie, this is up there but if you expect so-bad-its-good, expect elsewhere so now I am on to one more Superhero movie and then I would say I am done with TomCat Films but there’s a bunch I want to look at so yeah, no escaping that one.


My Early Thoughts On Death Wish

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So getting into another “Early Thoughts On” article and as much as I have my say on Heathers being rebooted as a television series, that is a little thing compared to something that is so much worth bitching about that it caused my schedule to delay for a few weeks. Admittedly, I also suffer personal problems which I won’t get into but other than that, it has been a while since I am hating on a theatrical reboot in the same anger I have when I saw Total Recall. Before I get to the reboot, I perhaps should start on the basis of it which is the original Death Wish movie franchise.

Now the first Death Wish movie was released in 1974 as based on a novel by Brian Garfield. Despite some changes to the source material, it became a surprise hit that it gained four sequels including the last one which is compared to The Dead Pool in that it has campiness right down to Paul Kemsey killing one of the criminals by using a remote-controlled exploding soccer ball. In my personal opinion, I liked those five movies and it’s just plain fiction involving vigilantism even right down to the ridiculousness of the last one.

And despite Brian’s displeasure, he did wrote a second novel called Death Sentence which focused on his take on Paul Kemsey that differed from his theatrical counterpart. Which in a way is funny since the novel became a loose basis of the movie starring Kevin Bacon, equally good if I should add my personal opinion. So yeah, I like the Death Wish series and like Death Sentence adaptation and like I said, it’s just fiction that might had its own political commentary that didn’t impact me. So now what do I had to say about the upcoming reboot starring Bruce Willis? I should say that I prefer to watch Hudson Hawk instead.

Really, this movie is a bad idea from the get-go and made in a more difficult time in terms of politics and recent happenings like the shooting in Las Vegas. It also a major development hell since it began back in 2006 with Sylvester Stallone tapped to direct and star in it but left due to creative differences. And then Joe Carnahan comes in to give his take with Liam Neeson and Frank Grillo set to star, he left but his script is left behind with Gerardo Naranjo replacing the filmmaker. And then he left and got replaced by Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado. And then they left due to not have their script rewrites allowed by the studio so now we have Eli Roth as the definitive director for this. So Eli Roth is directing the remake, yeah, that’s already a no-no for me.

The reason why is I actually dislike Eli and I have seen Cabin Fever and the first two Hostel movies to know my dislikeness. Even his acting chops didn’t help so I have to wonder why the guy who gave us the meaning of “torture porn” be the guy to remake Death Wish. And the obvious answer might be because money and MGM really are desperate to piss Brian Garfield in this day and age but they also didn’t expect to piss everybody off as well which thanks to the trailer release, everybody lost it big time and throw political rants at it. I have never seen anything like this but this movie might be so bad that it’s not because of Eli Roth but because of politics.

And Bruce Willis as Paul Kersey who’s now a doctor instead of architect because… just because! He is not fitted as the character, he may be a well-known action hero but I do have to confess and say this, Bruce Willis hasn’t been a good star in a long while. Yeah, he might have good roles every now and then but after Get Free or Die Hard and the Red series plus his attitude which caused him to get fired from The Expendables 3, he is already not the same Bruce Willis we cheered back in the 1980s and 1990s. And he is now doing movies for paychecks so really, how low can he go when a DVD set of movies we didn’t know he starred in is in the bargain bin section.

The supporting cast is puzzling as well. We get Vincent D’Onofrio as his brother Frank, a character not in previous franchises unless one can count that this is a reiteration of Detective Frank Ochoa from the first two movies. Dean Norris and Kimberly Elise are in the case as Detective Rains and Jackson respectively which is not much but Dean did explain he likes being typecast as authority-led characters so at least he’s doing something after the cancellation of Under The Dome. Mike Epps and Elisabeth Shue is in this but I can tell that their roles are hardly gotta be used even for Shue whose character is gonna get killed off so Elisabeth, you were in Leaving Las Vegas so how could you say yes to a movie in which your role is shorter than the others.

The last actor I should add is Beau Knapp as the main villain of the piece and well, he might do good since any actor who plays a villain in Death Wish series has some memorability. Jeff Goldblum and Lawrence Fishburne are notable examples and Michael Parks as well for the last movie so off all the casting calls, I think the only positive is the villain of this and that is gonna sad if I’m gonna predestined to hate the movie where the only good thing is the bad guy.

I mentioned development hell earlier and what I’m gonna say is not helping much matter but last week, the movie that was scheduled to be released next month is now moved to March of next year. Now it might because of the shooting that I brought up earlier, the studio make a right decision on delaying the movie to a later date. But to be honest, I think it should be delayed indefinitely instead because the world is right now in a dangerous place and I dislike shootings but what would happen if there’s another one coming up, would the studio delay it again? I don’t know but outside of my dislikeness on the material and the cast, I think this movie should be cancelled or have a quieter release.

Everybody has already ranted on this and many are triggered by its content so if I were in a studio, I would burn the copy of it and not let it see the light of day. Then again, my words wouldn’t work anyway because in the end, we all know Hollywood is being Hollywood and will continue to be that way even after the recent Harvey Weinstein controversy so I’m a unpaid reviewer whose say is not gonna help fix the issue of this movie and everything else. I might speak my opinion but it’s not gonna start world peace or similar, I’m just one man bitching about the movie and the way the world works right now. So to end this topic, the only thing I should say is uh, wait for The Punisher to come out instead. I think I became a hypocrite after saying that but again, it’s fictional vigilantism plus Netflix is being good with Marvel stuff… except maybe Iron Fist! I think I should get to reviewing now.

My Early Thoughts On Heathers: The Series

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It has been a while since I have done my early thoughts on anything but given the crap that has already come out like The Emoji Movie or will come out like Young Sheldon, there is stuff to talk about on anything really. And in this one, I’m looking into a television series reboot to a 1988 black comedy classic Heathers… a reboot that should forever remain in development hell! The 1988 movie focuses on Veronica who falls for reckless student J.D. while she’s being somewhat friends with three students all whom their first name is Heather. But given J.D.’s attitude, he and Veronica decide to be killers to those three girls along with few others.


It was made way before the uncomfortable events that is the 1999 Columbine shooting and its similar killings after that, it’s a movie that wouldn’t work today given the content. However, it is getting a television show so clearly this type of School Murder is back in fashion. Then again, Scream got itself a television series reboot so I don’t know, maybe there’s hope for a reboot of O starring Josh Harnett. The movie was written by Daniel Waters who wrote other stuff like Hudson Hawk, Batman Returns and Demolition Man. And it was directed by Michael Lehmann… who directed Hudson Hawk!

Now to talk about the reboot and it has been in the works since 2009 with networks shifting and changing plots. To start off with the writers, the series will be written by Jason who wrote a few stuff I don’t know about but is an executive producer for Michael Shannon/Kevin Spacey movie Elvis & Nixon. So far so good, I guess. As for the executive producers, I know television shows had more than one so just going with two, we have Tom Rosenberg who has made crap. Okay, he made few good stuff but he’s the guy whose work includes Underworld movies, Gamer, I, Frankenstein and that forgettable Aeon Flux adaptation.

The other executive producer is Gary Lucchesi whom pretty done the same shit as Tom. Yeah, leave the reboot to the two guys who’s responsible for The Ugly Truth. Hey, why not get Len Wiseman as well? He’s doing great for Lucifer… oh wait, I avoid that show like the cancer that is his re-adaptation of Total Recall so don’t hire that guy. Maybe I should get to the cast instead so what’s the deal with the duo playing Veronica and J.D.? I have seen Grace Victoria Cox in Under The Dome so maybe she’s okay as Veronica. And James Scully as J.D.? I don’t know since he started acting last year so who knows.

As for those who played the three Heathers. This would be interesting to talk about. First we have Jasmine Matthews playing Heather McNamara and it’s her first role so maybe she’ll do well. We have Melanie Field as Heather Chandler and she recently started acting so again, maybe she’s cool. And then we have Heather Duke played by Brendan Scannell. Now before I get to how the characters were done for the series, I should bring up that the casting is different and diversed right down to one of the Heathers being played by a male actor and there’s a reason for it.

While the original movie has three Heathers that are rich, posh females, the series altered them greatly by having Heather McNamara as a African-American lesbian, Heather Chandler being described as “having a body like Martha Dumptruck” (that’s what the press release & news articles has mentioned so I’m guessing the word “plus size” is non-existent to them or something) and Heather Duke be a genderqueer. And I don’t mind these changes, we are living in progressive times and I’m a very open-minded person when it comes to this. I however am puzzled by the fact on how the story is setting now. Besides Heather Chandler, both McNamara and Duke fall to LGBT+ community so by that logic, it means that Veronica and J.D. had being revamped as cisgender, heterosexual serial killers. And this is the point where I’m now concerned about how the reboot is being played out.

Now if they follow the movie template, we know that Heather Duke will survive but still, it’s two straight people killing two Heathers, one of which is a lesbian. Speaking of Heather Duke, Shannen Doherty is in the show and possibly reprising her character from the movie so like Poltergeist remake and the upcoming Flatliners reboot, it’s the “new material being subtly canon with the old material” trick… in a weird way since let me put to you like this, both Heather McNamara and Heather Chandler in the movie died so um, how do they have offsprings with the same first & last name? Was there a teenage pregnancy plot I didn’t know? Maybe the three new Heathers are related to original Heather Duke? This reboot that’s possibly canon to the movie is now confusing as fuck.

And in case we have Shannen in the show, Selma Blair is also in the show so yeah, I’m now thinking of Cruel Intentions than Heathers in this topic. Her character is not mentioned and I look into other casts and some are newcomers while few are not. Heck, I didn’t mention that Brendan is not a newcomer but whatever, Heathers is now a show where heterosexual still needs to be a thing so fuck, let’s kill a girl who’s into girls, a girl who’s into food (?) and a guy who’s a Mx. This show is now set to becoming as dangerous as 13 Reasons Why.

So yeah, I don’t know if I’ll watch it and it’s not just the way it played out but again, I’ve seen the teaser and it look horrid from the get-go so I give this a season or less. Now that I’m talking about one reboot, I think I’m cool with talking about another shortly and before anybody ask, it’s not the genderswapped re-adaptation of Lord of the Flies. It’s something else that actually pissed me though.


2 Lava 2 Lantula

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I mention this plenty of times that I will be reviewing this and now I have seen 2 Lava 2 Lantula, a sequel to Lavalantula that has Steve Guttenberg fighting against giant spiders coming out of lava. And it is good timing given that Sharknado 5: Global Swarming is airing this month so is this sequel worth the wait and am I having a deja vu feeling that Lavalantula follows Sharknado’s path being that it over-spoof the sci-fi monster genre in a cheap, get-the-joke manner? Well, the short answer is that why is Sharknado getting another sequel and not this one instead? Really, That train is already gone.

Uh, I’ll save that for Sharknado 5 later this month. To recap the first movie, Steve plays Colton West, a washed-up action star who suddenly becomes an unlikely hero in Los Angeles as he foughts those fantastical spiders while saving his family and friends in the process. Thanks to that, his heroism is what puts him back in the spotlight so how does the sequel follow-up? Well, let’s just say it opens up with Guttenberg and Michael Winslow in police uniform.

Colton and Marty (Michael Winslow) are filming their role for Clown Cops in Florida with director Josh (Josh Sussman) in the chair. But with his stepdaughter Raya (Michele Weaver) in Florida, she and her friends are caught up in the second wave of Lavalantulas, she tries to escape along with Daniella (Lorynn York) and hide but not before they encounter TJ (RJ Walker) and Bruck (Erron Jay) whom is inspired by Colton’s actions to become heroes themselves. Colton, Marty and Colton’s intern Kyle (Jimmy Bellinger) decides to fight spiders again while Colton goes and get his daughter to safety.

However, it seems Colton has a bit of competition with Colonel Jester (Martin Kove) and his man appearing in Florida to destroy Lavalantulas by their own means which includes planning to drop a nuke on the mother of all Lavalantulas known as The Gargantulantula. After getting his stepdaughter and TJ to safely following the deaths of Daniella and Bruck, he meets up with TJ’s father Hal (Raymond Forchion) who knows how to fly a plane and helps Colton stop The Gargantulantula in a similar way he did in a previous movie except with the use of fire-retardant that Hal used earlier. Colton himself falls to The Gargantulantula’s location with a package of fire retardants and survives leaving a sequel that I wish would come out this year to be honest.

And really, it is a solid sequel but this is a surprising thing to add. It lampoons more properly than Sharknado did even with Steve doing his gritty action hero style which I honestly laugh at and has some good references from Dr Strangelove to Crocodile Dundee. There is minor negatives but it’s not impactful to say the least. Instead of , the movie is directed by Nick Simon and while I haven’t seen his other stuff, he did well for this movie so hope he’ll do good stuff in the future. And now, I am set to review yet another Sharknado movie but not before a couple of things coming along first.

Nine Lives

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When it comes to Hollywood, actors and actresses have stumbled on one role that the masses have ripped to pieces. And those stars have done it maybe for a paycheck or something else but while some have escaped their dignity and be on better roles since then, many have little care and continue to work on crap that is so beneath them. Which is why I may like Dwayne Johnson right now but he should really fire his agent fast or else I’ll think of him as the “Adam Sandler of Action Movies”.

And here enters Kevin Spacey, a man who made a big break with Glengarry Glen Ross before he gained further notice in The Usual Suspects and American Beauty. Now he nearly got to a low point whether it’s a cameo in Goldmember or him as Lex Luthor in Superman Returns but even that, his role in those two that I mentioned are memorable. So when that moment came to him being a bad movie, we all know how to feel about it so Fred Claus? Nah, he’s fine. Horrible Bosses? Well, he appeared in a sequel. Nine Lives? Oh there we go. A movie where Frank Underwood became a cat.

This movie focuses on Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey) who is living the life. He is a CEO of a company that made him in a cover to Forbes, now married to his second wife Lara (Jennifer Ganer) and raising his second child Rebecca (Malina Weissman). Leading up to Rebecca’s birthday, she asked her dad for a cat and Tom at first refused since he doesn’t like cats but a chance made him get it anyway when he stumbled onto a pet store owned by Felix Perkins (Christopher Walken).

On his way home, he meets up with Ian Cox (Mark Consuelos) on top of the building which leads to them having an argument. An argument that is interrupted by a lightning strike that led to Tom falling along with his recently picked cat and nearly died but they crashed to a nearby window and Tom went into a coma. His mind however is transferred to cat and all he has to do is find ways to go back to his human form as well as trying to save his company and his family’s trust including his son David (Robbie Amell) who works with him.

This movie is bad and it is coming a mile away after we all seen the trailer. While the acting is fine at times, the storyline is a been-there-done-that routine involving a workaholic father is facing a crisis and the movie not only has noticeable bad CGI effects involving the cat but there’s a few involving base jumping and even Kevin going to the lift with green screen behind him.

This is definitely Kevin’s low career point but he did manage to get back up with him continuing playing his role in House of Cards and recently got praised in Baby Driver. As for others, uh, Christopher Walken is in his usual Walken-esque so him in a cat movie is as expected as that SNL skit where he’s an owner of cats.

Unless you want it for the family or for bad movie night entertainment, just avoid it since it’s another crap directed by Barry Sonnenfeld whom he’s a guy I forgot to bring up before the synopsis but then again, he hasn’t done much good since the first Men In Black movie so there’s not much bother. Then again, watching Nine Lives makes The Wild, Wild West look better by comparison. Eh, that is something I never thought I wrote. Oh well, I got Bibleman next week so hopefully it won’t be a episode in which he got turned into a cat or something.


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Ending LGBT Pride Movie Month and to recap, I have looked at a lesbian-themed movie that’s in the style of Franco and Lynch, a transgender love story that’s unique and quirky and a bisexual-themed movie that’s uh, a thing to exists! Where do I go from there? Well, you might have heard of this movie. It came out last year and it’s been mentioned by Richard Roeper, A.O. Scott and Peter Travers and it’s certified fresh in Rotten Tomatoes. Oh, and this movie became a main focus of some awards show that aired earlier this year. If you didn’t see the title above or the link address, the movie I’m talking about some film called Moonlight.

Yeah, I’m dropping the “have you heard of this?” act but if you never heard of it until now, then you must have woken up from a coma so welcome to 2017 and Donald Trump is now the President. Aside from that, it is a critically acclaimed movie that has won awards even with little-to-no marketing. Being a second movie by Barry Jenkins, he also have praise with 2008’s Medicine For Melancholy and also made a couple of short films. He also is a writer for The Leftovers but he mentioned that he didn’t do much. Still, the show is cool and messed up.

He did wrote and made this movie so let’s jump on the story. Divided into three time periods, this movie focuses on a coming of age story of Chiron (Alex Hibbert) who is discovered by Juan (Mahershala Ali) and befriended him as a father figure while Chiron is living with a drug-addicted mother Paula (Naomie Harris) and is an outcast to everybody in school except Kevin (Jaden Piner). Juan is teaching him to swim and other stuff and Chiron talked to Juan and other friend Teresa (Janelle Monáe) a bit about homosexuality including a slur he’s been called by other students.

The movie flashes forward to Chiron (Ashton Sanders) in high school who’s still being a loner living with his mother while being helped by Teresa (Juan passed away between those two periods). As he is getting troubled by Terrel (Patrick Decile), Kevin (Jharrel Jerome) is still friends with Chiron but upon one night, Chiron traveled to the beach in Miami and saw Kevin there which lead to them becoming affectionate. Their affection was short-lived a day later when Terrel asked Kevin to hit Chiron in a childhood game. The game tormented Chiron long enough that he later smashed a chair to Terrel and got arrested.

And we come to the third time period with Chiron (Travante Rhodes) living in Georgia dealing drugs and living a life different from his two previous ones. However, he got a sudden call from Kevin (André Holland) that he didn’t expect. He traveled back to Miami and rekindles with his mother who’s now off drugs and then meets with Kevin at the diner where their friendship remains intact. After the diner closed, Chiron is driving Kevin to his home and then revealed that he’s the only person he’s been intimate with ending the movie with Chiron and Kevin presumably becoming more than friends again.

This is an interesting movie and its praise is well-deserved. I don’t know if there’s anything to talk about the movie than it already has except with the fact that like Tangerine, this movie should have been on my “best of” list but it didn’t and I only first saw it early this year. It is a coming of age piece that focuses on emotions whether it’s friendship, sexual, tragic and anxiety and focuses on Chiron from a kid who’s a victim to the world to a leader who’s against it while not forgetting about the past. And I do have to bring up the elephant in the room which is simply this moment in the Academy Awards.

Yeah, it won best picture and not La La Land which led to a social media meltdown over this whether it’s those that think the other movie should have won or that the Oscars have fucked up or something else. I seen the show back when it aired and it was a disaster with the show turned into a very extended version of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and the best picture moment ended the nightmare whether it’s for better or worse. But in my opinion, Moonlight did deserve the award as well as best adapted screenplay and best supporting actor for Mahershala Ali. Had it not won, I would still reviewed the movie regardless.

It’s now time again for LGBT Pride Month to draw to a close and I must be getting back to reviewing stuff that’s not award-winning really. I’ll get back to this month next year again and this time I’ll expand it to see movies related to the plus portion of LGBT sexuality so we see what kind I’m looking forward to. So until then, hope you all happy pride month everybody.

Boy Meets Girl

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Gonna do something different this month and it is a movie of course but we live in a world where internet culture is all around us and celebrities first got famous in the internet scene before hitting mainstream. With stars like Lily Allen and Grumpy Cat, it seems the term “fifteen minutes of fame” is starting to no longer apply but it’s still around for now. And as part of LGBT Pride Movies month, I am looking at Boy Meets Girl, a 2014 movie that stars Michelle Hendley, a transgender female who first got famous as a YouTube blogger.

And there is a little to talk about director Eric Schaeffer since why he does make movies and television series before or after this movie, he also is actor when it comes to stuff like Spanglish, One Night At McCool’s and Gravity. And he’s also a blogger thanks to him writing I Can’t Believe I’m Still Single which got turned into a book and reality television series of the same name. So he knows internet, movie and acting. One thing I should add is that prior to reviewing this movie, I honestly never heard of him but who knows, maybe after this movie, I might look into more of his stuff so off to the movie first.

Taking place in Kentucky, this movie focuses of Ricky (Michelle Hendley) who’s a barista living in a small town with her family as well as her best friend Robby (Michael Welch). She does also have dreams which is to be a designer in New York as well as finding love. Her search for love takes an unexpected turn when she meets Francesca (Alexandra Turshen) who’s a wealthy girl engaged to David (Michael Galante), a marine soldier who’s nearly done his duty in Afghanistan. Their meeting went from friends first but they developed an affair which not only later angers David but frustrated Robby since he knows Ricky in high school and the fact that he dislikes her for transphobic reasons.

The affair has David gone all transphobic and wanting to know if Francesca slept with Ricky before the movie gave a twist with the fact that Ricky lost her virginity years ago with David and they kept their sex happening a secret. It didn’t take long until Francesca admit it and then David does the same and drops the transphobic act. As for Ricky, she is not only unhappy with breaking up with Francesca but that she didn’t get accepted to school for her fashion designing. Her unhappiness lead to fight with Robby before she storms out but not before Ricky’s little brother Sam (Joseph Ricci) showed Robby a video involving Ricky’s teenage past.

Robby finds Ricky and admits what he said is wrong as well as declaring his love to her. On to the following days, Robby helps Ricky out without her knowledge by setting a pledge site involving her fashion designs and upon discovering it, she has enough money to go to New York and tries again but with her best friend turned lover in the side. Now this is a pretty different kind of movie I reviewed to be honest since it is proper love story that is down to earth and almost felt biographical which is noticeable.

Like Michelle, Ricky is a video blogger and might be a famous one since David showed a YouTube video of her and Francesca upon his return to Kentucky. There are differences really like the fact that Michelle is interest in Cosmetology before being discovered by the director. And the sexual portion of the movie is pretty explanatory even by dramedy standards, Ricky talks to Robby about the differences of sex with male and female since her orientation is her choice. To keep in mind, transgender applies to any sexuality whether it’s heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality so everybody in any gender has different attraction.

The movie is actually good and worth seeking out if you want a love story that’s not in Nicolas Sparks writing territory. Michelle is good in her acting debut and Michael is also good which reminds me, he does act outside of Twilight series and I had seen him in Z Nation which is a ridiculous zombie show that I like so he has acting qualities. The dialogue is sharp, the storytelling is quirky and good and the development is fine. It’s an indie movie that deserved to be recognised and I won’t forget this. Now the month is drawing to a close so next time, I’m looking at another indie movie but it’s the one that is now becoming more known… thanks to an award show that ended in the most accidental way possible. Yeah, it’s that movie.

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